Catching range of monster and animals are to huge


Sometimes (likely more often) I get rally sad’n’mad about the catching ranges the monster or some shear animals have.

I jump to avoid an monster’s attack, I’m just flying about 10meters above its body and get still catched.

I do a sidestep and got obviously out of its range - it could pass me while the Queen Mary II fits just between me an the monster - it even thouches, shove me.

I jump over a man-eating plant an SCHWUPS[*] I got even caught.

The point is: Sometimes it feels like the hitboxes (or whatever they are called) are to big. Fight with the G. or the W. are getting unfair due to this fact.

May the community is feeling the same about this. May not.

Ping might be the problem, too, but often I play with pings of 20-25 in other games.

[* = German local tongue for suddenly, even so]


yeah there is something off especially with rock throw… yesterday the rock flew to my trapper and i suddenly got killed (has to be the rock) but i was standing on some rock healing