Cataclysm and Co-op - Update 2.05 Discussion Thread

I’m not saying it’s cheating. It’s just a really annoying strategy that people complained about, and it seemed trs wanted to deal with it in some way (fly swatter). But now it almost feels like they’re encouraging people to use that cheesy strat…

You know developers have been using these watermarks to cover their ass for years now?
There are games that stay in eternal beta so they could use it as an excuse when anyone raises any kind of complaint.

This game has already been released, is that too hard for you to understand? Officially, this is not a beta. You guys a real funny bunch.

If they put that in i will check.

Any way you would like for me to test it out? Record a video?

P.s. green meteors do not give health to monster. Or at least bob

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Beta could be for legal reasons too. Reasons we in the public are not meant to understand.

So what makes something official then? I mean, if a message from one the TRS founders

isn’t official enough, then I don’t know what is.

Not to mention that this version of the game is not the same as the one before it went free to play.
In fact, people can stay play the legit “offical”, non Beta, legacy version (which is the same as the console version) if they so desire.

So what you are talking about is actually an entirely different game (legacy version) than the one that is going on right now (Stage 2 Beta version).

But hey, I rarely make sense here on these forums and I have no understanding of how games, the company that make these games and gamers itself, work.


In fact, officially it is a beta.


Yo, I had a bit of time testing some of the stuff

Here’s the stuff I (still) don’t like:

  • Match making, Winstreak and leavers

  • I meet people with 30h ingame and I thought it would be on my skill level

  • people leaving when they don’t get their role

  • no real punishment for leavers during the match. Why would they fear to lose their streak when they face a high streak Hunter/Monster and/or don’t even have a streak?

  • Showing the streak in general discourages people (If you want to keep it in, please put it at the end of the match the reduce the chance of leavers)

  • 15 bonus keys for non pref role is nothing. Remove it for premades to stop the abuse/farming and increase it to, well, 150 was nice

  • Farming Win Streak in Coop

  • Dropship

    • Starting to count on incap
  • not stopping after an incapped Hunter get picked up (if you down one, the timer starts, Hunter is up again, timer still counting down. Another Hunter gets incapped with the rest of the countdown timer instead of having it restarted)

  • New Map Variation

  • We are forced to play it

  • Performance issues

  • too much stuff on screen and not good for new people. They already waste their jetpack for nonsense

  • Perks

  • Hunter DI got nerfed but DR still untouched?

  • Wildlife

  • nerfing HP of Reavers (might be good for @Deadrebirth MingLee)

  • Glitches

  • the Kraken Dome glitch is still in (fly as high as the dome without using stamina)

  • Meteor Goliaths Charge is still bugged, you can’t move from time to time when you cancel it

  • Decoy blocks Abduction (intended?)

Stuff I like

  • New Map Variation

  • playing Behemoth with 3x DR and standing in green stuff 24/7 is funny as fuck :smiley: (this one is for @Shaners)

  • Changing bad Monster spots on maps

  • removing the relay bridge on Weather Control

  • the Pillar on Wraith Trap (not sure if you changed more that I didn’t notice)

  • AI

  • seems fixed (no more teleporting)

  • Being forced to do the Tutorial

  • I hope that’s gonna be for the advanced Tutorials aswell, just for one, not for all

This one is unrelated to the patch but @LadieAuPair were you able to check the store or are you still short on time? <3


I really need to question the constant wildlife nerfs.

Was wildlife really so hazardous they required incredible nerfs to make them basically docile?

I always thought Trapjaws health was inconsistant, taking about 3-4 monster abilities to kill yet Markov can kill a whole pack in about 1 second.

But this is getting crazy.

Huge creatures should be a threat and not so easily disposed of with 1-2 melee attacks.

I would actually like to see Tyrants able to grapple the monster(Stage 1 only) and not just hunters, would make for more exciting games.

One of the greatest things about Evolve is the world you in, its not rainbows and candy, its a harsh world where mighty creatures have evolved and obviously some of them live happily alongside 2-3 story monsters.

Why would they be so suicidal as to attack one of these monsters if they have zero ability to survive it?

that is not how Evolution works, this planet would be barren if these creatures were real and had no sense of self preservation.

#Vicious creatures lives matter

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Get rid of healing ones? Oh yeah because hunters can already heal themselves, so just a monster nerf then?

Any rational behind that or do you just not play monster much?

Oh what about a pulsating effect that as it degrades it switches between healing and damaging? You try your best to get healing, get in there and bam, it turns into damage!!

Would add a bunch of strategy and encourage fighting in or very near every effect.

Could be timed or even slightly random as to when it swaps, maybe even based on how many enter the field?
Once a fourth enters the field (hunter or monster) it swaps, so hunters would have to enter the damage field to get healing if they wanted the whole team taking advantage.

So many ways to swing this IMO, but both sides must be considered, not just hunters IMO.

The healing meteors regain the monster’s armor bar. A monster can regain that himself too.

So that game I talked about before on Cataclysm, I managed to accidentally record it, so here you go :laughing:


Perhaps because it’s new. And maybe it won’t be on the ranked playlist. It’s only been out for a very short time, but I see a lot more monster fights happening because of it. Plus the atmosphere has a much more appealing eminent doom feel to it. I think this will be one of my favorites. says it all imo

Oh I thought it re-genned monster armor and hunter health “DURING” combat, which monsters can not otherwise do.

So it only heals out of combat is what you are saying? So no monster nerf is your point?

Yea no kidding the new meteor system is ridiculous, I have on many occasions domed a monster and start a big team fight only to have about 4 green meteors come and heal all his shields back up during the fight, I’ve had a dome last 4 minutes because of it. :smile:

Leader Edit: The word Cancer and 'Cancer Comps'

Way too much going on, also the green Meteors healed the Wraith back to full health and wiped out everyone

Personally I just think itd be more fun overall. Keep his style a bit more dynamic- Constantly swapping back and forth around his gear, instead of use the amp, and then sit on the rail gun for the next 20-30 seconds until the dome is about to drop to make sure you have maximum capacity ready as the domes about to go down to make sure you do as MUCH damage as possible before the monster high tails it.

Give him a reason to more constantly use his gear, and cut back his post-dome over damage.

If I sign in, get into a lobby and get Monster dumped on me,. I will be playing as monster with a bunch of people that are my skill level as hunter. Which is to say, higher than my monster skill of “fuck all.”. Other than running around a dying, I’m not going to do much else maybe eat something. Maybe. Could I do better? Probably with practice. But again, why should I? I don’t like playing as monster. I don’t want to invest the necessary time getting better at playing as monster because I don’t like playing as monster.

A better solution is for TRS to admit that, maybe some people don’t like a certain class and we shouldn’t give them that class and act they they are the asshole for backing out. Then doubling down on thier “You play what we give you or else” attitude.

The comment was one of comparative. Ya it sucks to lose that much hp that fast, but when you combine it with how much easier it is for the monster to get into those green fields and stay there vs the hunters vs the benefits of doing so, vs how much hp a hunter loses and how easy they are to kill.

Just feel theres some room for wiggle here. Again though -just my initial impressions. Its a different play style im definitely not used to, no clue how itll pan out.