Cat lover megathread. 🐈



I had two at one point and oh my god, I loved them but they were assholes.

I don’t have any pictures. They were named Barf (first thing he did when we brought him was throw up) and Girl Cat (She didn’t deserve a name)


Say WHAT?! Every cat deserves a name!


According to my wife she has a name but I remember it being something really dumb so refused to say it. I just called her girl cat.


This is scary as hell and what’s surprising is cats attacking people do happen more often than you’d think.

The good news is most of the cats can get help and will behave like normal again.


Every time I see these stories, I am certain that the pet owners are at fault. It usually arises from some form of mistreatment. For example, just from the cover image of the video, “we left her in the bathroom all day.” Did they give the cat food and water? Did the husband have to use force to get the cat in the bathroom?

Anywho, dog attacks are far more deadly than cat attacks.



So with cats, the owners are at fault, and with dogs they’re not?

Warning: after typing out this post I’ve realised that I’ve rambled about barely relevant stuff that you won’t give a shit about. Read at risk of your own boredom.

In my life, I’ve had 3 dogs and 2 cats. All get treated the same way. Plenty of food, water, toys, attention and love. One cat was absolutely golden. Never did anything bad to anyone. Just kept to herself. The other was a twat. Basically only stayed at our house for food and drink sleep, then left. It never viciously attacked anyone, but it’d happily scrap someone that got too close.

The first dog I had was bred to be a hunting dog, but was scrapped for being too weak or too small. Not sure how they could tell that when she was 8 weeks old, but they sold her to us and it was the biggest mistake of their life. She was incredibly strong and incredibly smart. My dad would spit on 7 sticks and throw them in 7 different directions. She would go and get them 1 by 1 in the order that he threw them. She would also rip tree-sapling supports out of the ground. It did take her a few weeks, but there aren’t meant to be able to be moved by anything except machines. She was incredibly well trained and would have happily savaged anything had my dad told her to, but he never did, so she never did.

Next two dogs are more like normal dogs. They’re the 2 I have currently. One of them is really stupid and the other one is very intelligent. As in, looks both ways before crossing the road intelligent, or opening a pressure cooker intelligent. Again, both dogs are well behaved. One of them is very anxious around new people, the other, not remotely. They’d never hurt anyone.

I realise my sample size isn’t no where near large enough for an accurate representation but in my experience: From the same household 100% of dogs have been well behaved, but only 50% of cats.


I found the cutest cat on my timeline.


aha so you are professional cat smuggler.




Not what I meant at all chap~ I will clarify when I am not on vacation~

Today we have my Mini.

She follows me everywhere and loves to carry her toys around the house~


Well ain’t she the cutest thang. I had a molly cat that used to carry toys around and could play fetch. Best cats ever, sadly she died from some sort of cat flu. :smiley:




This is me when i live with so. We’re gonna get married. We’re gonna have a baby.

I want to make one but my cat is too fat. :frowning:


spent all night going through their cat videos.



A cat named Lazarus.


This is Momma kitty a.k.a. Mommy.

She was a stray that felt it was too cold outside during the winter about 3 years ago; thus, she just walked inside when we opened the door one night and never left~