Cat lover megathread. 🐈


Look around… what music are you referring to? the cat video? it starts out slow then speeds up if so.





Would make a great Fizzgig.


scraps… def call the cat Scraps



Damn-it Zeros





My little man - Mauglí.


Do you have more than one cat?


Indeed I do.


Then why you only give fan service to one kitter at a time?




Guarding shoes.


Maugli reminds me of a friend of mine’s cat named Oliver (similar appearance). But Oliver was a stray and had a wild streak in him. He was also starved to the bone when she found him and then (of course) overfed him, making him a solid twenty pounder. One time, while I was standing in her living room, there came the sudden sound of thudding feet from behind me. I didn’t have time to turn around before Oliver leapt onto my back with all claws extended. He climbed up me and launched off my shoulder, disappearing on the other side of the house.
Oliver was still my favorite of her three cats though. :slight_smile: