Cat lover megathread. 🐈






Cat and her first collar ever.


nice kitteh! :smiley:

Princess Peach approves!



She stole my ride again. :grin:


oh no #10catslimit


How’s the weather out there? Still rainy I suppose.

Also like your setup.


That’s a wheel chair, right? What happened, are you ok?


Winston still likes to cuddle with me so I’m happy he hasn’t outgrown that


My cat is a fatty (14-15 lbs and she’s been on a diet for the past 2 years) that hates everyone but me and I love her =p


Its fine actually. Bit foggy this morning but dry :slight_smile:
We only had two days of snow between the holidays. Some rain and apparently we had less than the normal amount of sun.

Thx, nothing special really, the cambridge soundworks are 16 years old :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there,

Yes it is.
yes i´m fine, thank you for asking.
Nothing happened, i was born, that’s about it :stuck_out_tongue:
Although usually if a stranger asks me i have a story to tell; shark attack, bear ate my leg, you know what a sex swing is?, …




So I’m assuming you’re either girl or a bottom.


It may be the language barrier or you mist the point of the answer i gave?


I so almost posted that! :smiley:


Who else here loves WRC?