Casual tone of the game


I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed how casual a lot of the wording is in the game. I liked the “kill a bunch of wildlife” “do a ton of damage” type things. There were more that I can’t think of but at the time I noticed how different from typical media it sounded and liked. Some of the tips were similar and worded more like a person giving you a hint in conversation to follow up the information, “gun does ______, try to use it to get ahead of the enemy and ______”

Also unrelated but I just thought of it, @Matthew there was a Griffin loading screen snippet that I missed and didn’t see again about the third installment of his movies or whatever somethnig about perseus? Was wondering if you had a word document of all game text that you could just pluck that out of to sate my curiosities.


Awesome! Glad you like it! It’s a constant battle, and one that is never 100% won. There are always forces who want formal English everywhere as though the only good writing is found in technical manuals. So some of the language is direct and casual, some is needlessly formal. I can’t be everywhere, alas. :smiley:

The tip you’re looking for reads thuslywise;

"In the third installment of the Griffin Hallsey film series, GRIFFIN HALLSEY AND THE DEATH CAVES of Persei VIII, Griffin teams up with the eight-armed native tracker, Korsoth.

Griffin and Korsoth made a popular pair, and Korsoth appeared in three more Griffin Hallsey films."

That tip was written by our QA Lead! @draquo


@DamJess this is what I was talking about before.

I only managed to catch a glimpse of that hint, so I was thinking maybe Korsoth could be the final Monster name, ah well :confused:


Wait, so Griffin is a movie star? I remember hearing in the dropship that he has his own comics that Markov reads, but Griffin himself didn’t seem too happy about his fame.

Edit: Korsoth sounds interesting: is this an actor or a sentient nonhuman species in the universe? makes me wonder if we’ll see an eight armed trapper at some point :stuck_out_tongue:


Griffin is the most famous big game hunter in the Arm. They make movies about him. But it’s like Steve Jobs. They make movies about that dude, too. But he’s not in them. And he doesn’t see a dime from them.


Awesome thanks! I’ve been enjoying the dropship dialogue and getting to fill in the gaps with educated guessing. I especially liked the quote about Markov not telling (I thought he said Mr Parnell) about Lazarus’ desire to bring a creature back onboard and re-animate it. Also a clever way of telling players they can re-animate creatures outside of the mastery star wording for the Lazarus Device.


I love the dialogues aswell.Since the game is already 18+ i’d recommend a bit more strong language.Like “THIS F*CKING PLANT GOT ME” or “MEDIC WTF ARE YOU DOING”.You know what i mean.All of them seem cool and sound like badasses from movies


Simply play Hyde, this will solve your problem.


Yeah i did.Well i’m talking about most of the hunters need this.Maybe except Bucket and Val