Casual PS4 player [UK]


Just a casual PS4 getting back into Evolve looking for people to play with. I miss the communication and casual players just don’t listen or understand.

Things you should know:

I live in the UK and typically play later in the evening at around 9pm BST. If I’m playing R6 Siege I am playing with friends and usually won’t want to play Evolve, but other than that I rotate through Overwatch, Warframe and Evolve so if I’m on any of those games I have no problem swapping.

I’m 15 years old. If you’re not ok with this, then don’t reply, if you are then just remember that I still go to school, and so can only play after school ours on weekdays unless it’s a school holiday.

I have a mic and am willing to talk but my family (especially dogs) have a habit of being quite rowdy, so you’ll have to choose between irritating background noise or momentary silence.

I’ll play any Hunter role, but as I said, I’m getting back Into Evolvet so I’m still sort of re-learning Dome throwing, jet pack management and heal burst ranges etc. I can play most characters, but I am shit as Kala and find it hard to keep up with team demands as Tank.

I’m not the greatest player but I wouldn’t say I’m bad (I might be, though) and I’m fine with being criticised, as long as it is constructive and not malicious. And likewise, I’m not asking for the best players to make me good, I just want to play with people who can:
Heal as Medic
Deal damage as Assault
Track/Trap as Trapper
And do whatever that certain Support does.

Haven’t played Ranked in a while, but from memory I’m about half way through Silver Skilled after a short pub-induced loss-streak.

I also talk like a pompous twat that thinks he is better than everyone else, but I’m fairly certain that that doesn’t reflect my personality. Fairly certain.

My PSN is Prof_BOOM
And yes, I hate it too…

I’m not sure if people still link to it, but I know there is a thread dedicated to connecting players, I’ve never had any luck with it though.


I have a group that runs customs most nights EU time if you’re interested. We’re all reasonably experienced but as long as you’re familiar with the basics you should have a good time.

My PSN is ColourOfSky. I’ll invite you if we get any games going.


I feel like I’ll relearn the more advanced tricks if surrounded by experienced players. I was best at Trapping, and Medic and Support were equally my secondary classes.

I can’t play Monster at all. Not even in casual. I just can’t get my head around a playstyle of tanky but solo, co-op has always been for me.


You can always play Maggie or something while you get back into it. You’ll probably be forced to learn quick as we usually have pretty good monsters playing.


Maggie, Jack or Crow have always been my go-to. Never been a keen Griffin player and I was never good at making the call between take a few seconds to tag this strider group and try to get 1 or 2 but ultimately keep on your path towards the last bird sighting with Abe.