Casual mode


This popped into my mind when reading a post about a level 40 wanting to learn monster.

Casual mode can help with Quick pub matches
Hopefully Casual players will come back and enjoy this mode, and stay in the community
Basically It won’t match based on level. Level advantages are disabled, elite wild life can be disabled.

Thoughts and opinions on this mode?
I want something that can welcome people switching out of their comfort zone without feeling bad because the other side overpowers them. and a mode that will tempt new and old players to come back :wink:


The reverse of what you want is happening, Ranked mode is gonna be a thing, leaving “normal” MM to the more casual crowd (and maybe a couple of hardcore monsters that need a confidence boost ;p)


I’m all for ranked mode :3 I really wanna play in ranked.
But I feel that we are or already have cut out all the casuals.
I believe we need an opposite to the ranked :wink:
For the casuals who don’t play as hardcore or competitive


Ideally ranked should have been in there at day one, to funnel more competitive players away from curb stomping casuals. With a ranked mode, normal mode is casual mode.