Carrying over progress from PC to Xbox One


Hey, i was just wondering if it was possible to carry over my progression from PC to Xbox.

I love this game, but PC queue times were just taking their toll. So, I decided to move over to Xbox, and have had a much better time getting games. But, the problem is the my2k account doesn’t carry progress, so I’m level 4, instead of 40. At first i was fine with that, but when i started getting matched with people that were level 40, I figured I needed to come see if I could get bumped up.

This also leads to people giving me a lot of shit in game, because their level is literally 10x higher than mine.

I was happy to shell out the 80$ again, and I figured that I might as well give this a shot, because it would make this transition perfect for me.

So yeah, let me know. Thanks.


I believe skins carry over, but not progress sadly,
If you are good you should still be able to grind out xp fairly quickly.
I play semi regularly, and if you want a partner from time to time you can feel free to add me. Many a pug monsters will die.


Probably not xp he cares about but elotew characters would be an issue as that can take many hours as like me have almost everyone elite


I don’t think it’s possible but you should rank up farily quickly via Evac. If you need teammates you can even hit me up if you want or look for players on here that don’t give you smack for an irrelevant number.


I’m just hoping the devs would be able to change the level manually. I seem to remember someone saying that they were set to level 30 by the devs when they moved systems, but I could be wrong.

So i figured I’d check.