Carrying Corpses


I really wish TRS would implement the ability to carry or drag corpses as a Monster. It would allow for some much sneakier gameplay, being able to hide corpses to break Hunters from your trail, and if the area is not a desirable area to feed, your meal could be moved to somewhere more pleasent. In terms of Balancing, obviously make the creature slower when moving something depending on size of the animal, and make climbing unavailable as well as traversals. Any thoughts?


Just pounce attack from bushes or abduct from a bush. Kill them there. No corpse, no tracks. MGS Locker Style :smiley:


Yeah but not everything goes that well all the time xD


Cool idea but will they actually implement that feature? Possibly. But yes would serve for some sneaky gameplay. Great thinking.


I dunno. I think sneak is in a good spot. If you made sneaking any better then all good monsters would sneak and then it’s just a game of whether or not you found the twig he stepped on or not. Would not make for an enjoyable stream. Sneak should be slow and risky. I would never want sneak only to be the dominant strategy. And this comes from a monster that is mostly sneaky.


there are these finish moves when you down them with your melee attacks where you carry them around a bit as goliath just use a leap and you are carrying the corpse around a bit ^^


I too am a prodominately sneaky monster, and while I do agree that the sneaking is pretty solid, I always think it could be better. It would maintain the risk factor, as it would make you slower and more noticeable, but would allow skilled Monster players to cover their tacks more effectively from exprienced hunters. Maybe if it was impleted it could be used to assist with Combat as well, such as moving downed hunters to finish them off quietly or drag corpses away to prevent Laz from reviving.

Or maybe to use them as a weapon.


Having a monster control corpses would be awful. Just drag them next to a tyrant, oh look, body gone instantly for free. Or just drag someone and keep distance so they can’t res. I don’t like that at all.


On second thought… I have to agree with M.C. here. I think that would put hunters at a disadvantage, and would just screw things up. Leave it as it is, and may the dead rest in peace, not be dragged around for sinister purposes.