Carrion Birds & immersion


Hey all. Specific but (to me) noteworthy thing that could use a minor tweak: every gameplay video showing the carrion birds makes them seem like they solidify into existence from the air around the corpse they want to feed on. Now, I’m doubtful that they’re meant to be phantasms of any sort, but if so, stop me now. If not, though, would it be possible to make them swoop in from somewhere else rather than just appear as they do for the game’s final release? It’s just strange is all.


Same deal with Trapjaw packs. Rather than wait to ensure that all players are not looking at a nearby place where the game can spawn the animals, it just fades them into existence. A bit immersion-breaking, but I understand the logic behind it.


I definitely do as well, but I feel like there’s SOME way it could be done more gracefully. I’m hoping it’ll seem less like what it is (a gameplay mechanic) and more like a part of the universe.


I agree

Maybe spawn them a little higher so its less likely players will see them spawn in from nothingness


A simple solution is to introduce science. Have the Carrion birds perform a decloaking effect to indicate that they were always around int he first place, and chose to reveal themselves in order to eat. Same mechanics, slightly more believable series of events.


Doubtful anything will be done about it, but hey, worth putting it out there.


Gotta do SOMETHING to waste the time before now And WHENEVER THE HELL THE BETA IS COMING OUT!!!

recomposes himself

Sorry… I’m OK. I’m OK.


Really though, a PS4 beta would be the shit now that we have one.


I’m still hoping for an Evolve Christmas present… in the form of a digital game that I can play :smiley: