Carrion Birds chance affected by caves?


The devs stated that carrion birds chances increase with every meal - is that also true when you eat for example 1 snack in front of the cave, you go in and eat 2 more. If you go outside now is the counter for carrion birds at 1 meal eaten or 3?

Edit: For those that don’t know. Snacks inside a cave cannot trigger carrion birds so it is interesting to know if those still increase the chances once you leave the cave.


Yes. caves cover you, so meals inside caves never reveal your location. But if you eat under artificial structures like bridges or platforms, or if the cave has a hole at the ceiling and you eat beneath the hole, it may bring Carrion birds. I don’t exactly know about increase of Carrion Bird spawn chance after you eat and come out of the cave, but you should expect the birds when you touch the outdoor preys after having a feast in the cave.


I think they do, but nobody can be too sure…

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