Carrion bird suggestion


Currently, carrion birds are an entirely random occurance. They start out with a low chance of occuring, then the chance rises with each beast the monster eats. This can lead to some very unfun moments for either side.

For instance, I’ve had games where as the monster, I would start the round by juking the hunters with my starting tracks, head off to some corner of the map to start feeding, and get hit with carrion birds for my first feed. Followed shortly by narrowly escaping the hunters, just to have the next thing I eat set them off. I’ve also had games where I got absolutely no birds at all until I was more than halfway through stage 2, at which point I didn’t care much that I was found out, I was more than prepared for a fight.

In both of these cases, which occured more than a fair share of times, the game felt pretty unfun for one side. In the former case, for the monster, who’s forced into an engagement right off the bat, and in the latter, for the hunters, who spend 10-15 minutes walking around aimlessly hoping for the monster to make a mistake and reveal himself.

I think that, rather than being almost entirely random, carrion bird spawning should be deterministic. Something like after every X animals eaten, the next one is guaranteed to attract birds, and then some events change what that X is either negatively or positively.

So here’s some comletely random numbers that are probably horrifically imbalanced to kinda show what I’m getting at.

Assume it takes 10 animals eaten to attract birds.

  • Each animal eaten lowers the number by 1.
  • Sneaking for X distance: -1 animal
  • Travelling Y distance without entering combat with the hunters: -1
  • Tagged with long-term tracking (UAV, dust, etc): +2
  • Trapped in the arena: +5
    And so on.

Any time the number is at or below 0, and the monster eats, birds are attracted and the number is reset back to 10.

Ultimately what this would accomplish is to make it so that if the monster is evading the hunters constantly, they’re eventually guaranteed to get birds, and those who are engaging with the hunters don’t get them as frequently, but they’re not as necessary. And it’s still punishing to go for easy, low meat animals rather than bigger 3-4 meats, just without the randomness either screwing you or the hunters.


I think randomized is better. It’s somewhat realistic when being random. And sudden change of situation(you were hidden but now they know where are you) is very fun because you need to think what to do and where to go.


Randomised is better, I’ll echo @AYPD on this.

But perhaps they should prevent it from happening altogether during the first two minutes of the match.


I’ll echo what @Sannom says. Either make the first 3-4 kills impossible to get carrior, or the first X amount of time. Either way, sneaking at the beginning shouldn’t come down to a die roll. I’m fine with the RNG if one of these is implemented though.


I don’t think it is a big problem, well not as big as you describe it to be. I definately like this idea though. It punishes the constant run tactic, and will create better matches :slight_smile:


If carrion birds drop, just make another track juke before the hunters get there, and try again. There is plenty of time for it. I’ll echo what everyone tells me when I suggest things based on RNG:

RNG / adapt / do or die

Honestly I think carrion birds should be based on how many dead animals are in the near vicinity.


So, a bit like how many kills in a short time attracts packs of Trapjaws? I’d be down for that. At least the Trapjaws don’t put a big obvious marker on your position!