Carrion bird spawn frequency should be modified by what stage the monster is


I personally feel that the birds spawn too frequently right now, especially for a poor stage 1 monster. I had about 5 games in a row yesterday where I was killed before reaching stage 2 because of birds almost every time. So here is my suggestion:

  • Less chance of carrion birds when monster is at stage 1. S1 monsters have next to no chance vs the Hunters. An armored up S2 monster can at least fight back.
  • Keep current carrion bird spawn rate the same for S2 monsters. The bigger the monster the more chance birds will notice, makes sense to me.
  • Higher chance for a S3 monster to spawn birds then it currently is now. Some people might say what difference does it make when a monster is S3, I’ve played many games where we chased a S3 monster down because he didn’t have any armor since we caught him during the evolve.

S1 monsters need help, the birds are the cause of most of a S1 monster’s woes.


Yes PLEASE. And disable them completely for the first three minutes. Right now sneaking at the start is dumb because 99% of the time my first bite gives birds. ;-;


One of the reasons I run at the start. ^.^
Damn birds make stealth unlikely, unless you get a cave map.


I don’t care about getting birds at stage 2 because the hunters should know where you are already because of the sound you made when you evolved, and as you said you should be ready to fight. Carrion birds at stage 1 should be expected unless you are lucky or ate under roofs. The only thing I don’t like is getting birds from the first few things you eat, especially if you started out the match sneaking. For this reason, if I plan to sneak I don’t sneak more than around 50 meters at the start before starting my traversals/regular walking in areas where my tracks probably won’t be seen. So if I get unlucky and trigger birds after the first thing I ate after sneaking, at least I will be far enough away to try and juke the hunters again.


Uh… no hunters need the birds. Especially at stage 1.


They don’t need them after the very first thing that the monster eats though and this happens more often then not.

I’ve also had games where the 3rd thing that I ate which was good 50 or so meters away gave me birds as well After the first thing that gave birds. Monster should at last have a chance to eat a few things and get some armor before they get found.

Alternatively one meats shoudl have virtually no chance of giving birds and it goes up from there


And here I thought the monster gets a head start… must be going crazy.


Head start doesn’t mean anything if the hunters know where you are as soon as they get out of the dropship cause some space vultures decided they were hungry after you just found your first thing to eat


Except they don’t know where you are. They know where your meal was. Huge difference.


1 meats are meant to give you birds because you eat so often. Go for caves or find out where the 3 meats are on a map. 3 meats mean less chance for birds unless you are interrupted.

As a side note, i dont think repeatedly eating the same corpse should give you birds. It also feels like the RNG for birds is a little weird, as they seem to happen more often when you havent eaten something for a while. They also happen when you eat a lot of things, but I think that’s intentional.


Most of the maps thats all they need to just split up and cut you off, dome you and you will probably lose.

Crow, Cabot , Bucket, Sunny, Caira can all capitalize on this very rapidly.
Abe to a degree since now he knows which wildlife he should make extra sure to dart so if you try to juke past them and eat you’ll get tracked.
Griffin as well I suppose since now he can lay out his soundspikes so they will know if you try to cross over to the other side of the map.


Pinpointing the monster’s location is a skill hunters(mainly trappers) have to learn. The birds serve as a general area indicator at best. So if a trapper can find and dome a stage 1 from the birds then I’d say he’s earned his dome.


So its fair that a monster player that has no control over birds can be found before its even had a chance to get full armor or even really eaten anything? The only counter is caves and the majority of maps don’t have large caves and if they do, the players will assume you went there anyways


No its fair that a trapper can out smart a stage 1 monster that had at least half his armor before the hunters even dropped.


Not really the Birds did all the work of fidning the monster for you


Stealth is a viable tactic at the beginning if you know how to do it correctly.


Fake tracks, sneak opposite, get away from spawn, feed, attract birds, check mini-map, make fake tracks in the direction of the least useful side of the map, sneak opposite, repeat.


Much more fun when you actually engage, and don’t hide the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can hide during S1. Are you saying you prefer engaging at S1? No thank you. If the Hunters come within my smell range at S2, I sneak around and ambush. I almost never engage at S1, unless I’m prepping for a Behemoth ambush.


Makes the game fun to take a chance.