Carrion Bird Mechanics?


How do Carrion Birds work? What are the exact mechanics behind them?


I think your first 2 or 3 meals won’t spawn birds. After that, the chance increases. Also, I think the 7th meal is guaranteed a carrion bird span.

  • Carrion Birds
  • Free Meals: 2
  • Cool down: 20 seconds
  • Automatic Birds: 7 meals

definition of meal:
Every time you attempt to eat


Pretty sure a meal is considered to be a corpse.


This is why it is so important to go for high meat wildlife at the start. 3 or 4 meats is what should be prioritized when looking to avoid a conflict with the hunters.


4 meats take awhile to take out so I don’t generally go after them.


To add the mechanic behind these numbers:

The first meals are guaranteed no birds. Then the probability of spawning birds increases with every further meal, until it reaches 100% for the 7th meal.

In the end it’s mostly random, unless you count every single meal you eat.

@The_Mastermind, do you know what happens when I eat my 7th meal inside a cave? Does it reset the counter or stays it at 100% until I eat something outside a cave? And what if I’m at 0% and then eat 7 meals inside a cave. Am I at 100% when I get out, or does it just not count at all?


ANY ceiling above you blocks the bird spawn. You can use that to get birdless evolutions when used creatively, especially with abduct/tounge grab/herding/pushing. Many walls have ‘lips’ that you can eat under as well ;]


Been awhile since you’ve been this active on the forums. Getting back into the game are we?


Overwatch beta got my competitive juices flowing again, and I’m fulfilling a promise to my viewers to give evolve another shot :stuck_out_tongue:

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The percentage chance doesn’t reset until you actually get birds. Eating in a cave still increases the percentage like normal so when you leave the cave after eating 7 corpses for example, you will have a 100% chance to get birds on your next meal. Eating more than 7 meals in a cave or under a ceiling will still mean a 100% chance for birds on your next meal in an open area.

Hope this helps.


its possible, i just posted what i had from my notes. someone can simply just try and eat a single corpse multiple times to see if its corpses or attempts


I’m far from certain on this, but I feel like I’ve flipped my keyboard before when I was trying to be sneaky and eat something, but a neutral hit me to break the eating, and when I started re-eating there were birds and my keyboard learnt to fly…But I may be wrong :sweat_smile:

ps. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was a safety on it where it’s only considered a ‘new meal’ after a second or two of not eating, or damage, etc, and that spamming the key might not create more birds.


it’s instances like these that i’ve had that make me think its the “Attemp to eat” or “Engaging in the Feeding Process” that is counted.


You go to a 100% chance, the birds just can’t spawn. The counter is not reset.

You will be at 100% when you get out. The meats still count inside the cave.

This is not the case for every map. Some maps have different maximum chances. Refueling Tower, Distillery, and Medlab max out at a 90% chance (meaning you can theoretically go a very long time without getting birds on these maps). Broken Hill Mines maxes out at 4 meals for automatic birds and the cooldown there is 15 seconds.

Basically yes, this is correct, but @The_Mastermind is sort of correct about the dice only being rolled on the eating attempt. It can only happen once per corpse at the very beginning of the feeding.

This is possible if there was more than one corpse at your feet and the monster started eating a different one for which the die had not yet been cast. Otherwise, if you started eating the same food, this is not possible.


Based on code? o.0


My reply? Yes.


Ah, should have assumed by now people would have data mined values out of the games code :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When you say theres a cooldown- What exactly does that mean


It’s the same terminology that @The_Mastermind used in his post. The cooldown in both cases is a time period during which bird chance is not counted or factored in any way. So for example:

You eat 5 corpses without harpies.
On your 6th corpse you get harpies. On Broken Hill Mines this means your ability to spawn harpies again is muted for 15 seconds. On all other maps it’s muted for 20 seconds.
Everything you eat for the next 20 seconds does not accumulate into a higher harpy chance, it is simply ignored.
After 20 seconds your chance starts counting upward after each corpse to 7 (on most maps) again, and you can spawn harpies with the very first corpse after the cooldown ends.