Carrion Bird logic


First of all, just read Antigone. Finally understand the reference. Anyways. I was playing as goliath the other day and saw a sloth (and later an armadon) walk THROUGH the birds and i thought to myself, “gee, why don’t the birds even get a little startled by being tread upon?” Anyone have any ideas? And what would you think if birds did react to other wildlife?


As far as I can see, it wouldn’t make much sense to have the birds going off every time wild life startled them. Can you imagine the hunters prospective, withing 2 min of drop they have birds going nuts all over the map lol.


i think no one here has a problem with carrion birds… i mean they only appear on either your 1st 2nd or 3rd bite every freaken time :smirk: its part of the game to help the hunters >.>


Yeah, but story-wise, would there be an evolutionary reason for them not to fear dangerous animals?


yeah survival of the fittest and carrion birds appear to be suicidal lol, i feel like they wont exist on evolve 2 lol


carrion birds are so random too i’ve had them appear when i killed a marsh strider and the hunters were only like 100m away


thats nothing for the majority of monster players its normal to see them in your 1st meal or 2nd >.>


Eat under cave roofs for sneaky Evolves :smiley_cat:

Yes, I’ve always wondered why the bird flocks are only scared of the monster. I get that it’s a gameplay thing, but I feel like there should be some lore explanation. Maybe they all have Gobi-hats?


I was blessed one game with a passive friendly bird peek at the beginning of the game(not really; just Carrion birds decided they were full at the time).

Made it to stage 2 without a single scavenger and only two of my meals were in caves so lucky me :blush:


Carrion birds are sexy


over population has made them desperate for food


Could be there just used to the other fauna like how I’m at center parcs and the squirrels see so many people they eat of my hand. Were as the sq
Squirrels at home bolt when your a good 15m away



Who are the red people in that?


Geneic_Monash_Follower_1 to 99.
Not that meant as an insult, I just hit the limit for how many different flowers I bothered using.


I once played Wraith on Orbital Drill.
Got the no birds perk in the first 10 seconds
I felt bad for the hunters cause I couldn’t find any other elite wildlife.
And I couldn’t find them or alert them to where I was.
It was a boring game.


Ouch I hate Wraith trap


They should give a warning when carrion birds will pop up… Like if you start to eat, carrion birds will slowly appear in air, but no notification to hunters yet. If you make a kill with a a bunch of carrion birds in the air, you trigger a hunter indication. Or maybe instead of giving the hunters a flat out obvious indication, make hunters have to look at the sky closely to see if any birds are circling.