CarNo65's Gamemode Concepts


Search & Destroy:

Seismic Analysis has pinpointed an underground monster hive, heavily guarded. As an all out assault would be suicide, so NORDITA has called for mortar fire on the hive. Unfortunately the Hive is close to several surviving colonists and thus, the mortars must be directed by targeting beacons. The Hunters have been called in to protect the sensor and plant the beacons. The Monster must destroy the Sensor or prevent the deployment of the Beacons.

The Gamemode is divided into two portions, the first being the search. A sensor has been deployed to scan for weak points in the Hive’s defensive shell and the Hunters need to protect it from being destroyed. The Sensor can be damaged by regular attacks, but can take a lot of punishment before caving.

The second part is the Destroy. With Three weakpoints pinpointed, the Hunters must plant three targeting beacons to guide the mortars. Once the Hunters arrive at the spot, a beacon will land and must be protected while it positions itself and calibrates, at which point it can no longer be destroyed. The Beacons can’t take as much punishement as the sensor, but replacements can be called in. The Hunters must deploy three beacons or kill the monster, at which point the hunters will win. If the monster prevents the hunters from deploying the beacons or kill all the hunters.


If anyone remembers this, it was a (scrapped) mode in which the hunters were tasked with protecting Bull Armadons. I quite liked the idea, partly because the Armadons are awesome and partly because I had the exact same concept.
This was my original concept, before @MacMan brought their version up

There is a single endangered bull armadon on the map, that travels from the hunter spawn point to a dropship on the other side of the map. The Bull is quite powerful and will put up a fight before going down. However the Armadon is not invincible, and will go down if not supported.

Feedback is appreciated


This is essentially rescue that makes a bit less sense lol.