Carnivorous plants. Get rid of them


They’re nothing but frustration. There’s no counter play, no telegraphing, you’re just romping around and suddenly you get eaten. Not fun for the monster, not fun for the players.

Either add a way to get out yourself, or get rid of them entirely.


Or don’t run into them?


I don’t agree with you. I think they’re just fine. They’re really good at teaching hunters that going off on your own is a bad idea. If you’re having trouble spotting them then turn up your gamma.


Watch your step.


I prefer to not have a safe environment to Rambo around in. I like that things are dangerous, especially if solo.


Not entirely true. I think it’s hilarious when I’m the monster and I see the dropship countdown timer start when I’m not even anywhere near the hunters :smile:


One of the reasons the carnivorous plants exist is to encourage Hunters to stick together. As long as you are with at least one person, then the plants shouldn’t be an issue.


I had a game where I wiped everyone but assault as the monster and he ran into a plant trying to get away. I just stood there watching it eat him and laughed. Game over.

It got even more funny as the next game ended nearly the same way only it was a Tyrant that got him.


Plants are actually UNDERPOWERED. I spot them right off the bat. Only times I don’t see them is when i’m in a heated battle where I don’t take the time to look at my feet.


The plants are a great system to encourage cooperation between the hunter team. The real problem is the HUD has no obvious indication for when a team member is down, apart from a skull above their nameplate at one of the corners of the screen (based on where they are ofc).

Seriously, any audio or visual que for this type of thing should be a given, not something that is still yet to be implemented.


I agree with that, when i was travelling around with my team the only reason i knew someone died was because the drop-ship timer popped up suddenly, and they are not that easy to spot in the thick bush…


I got caught by these damn plants like 5 times geez :slight_smile:


Disagree with OP.
Keep environment hostile the way it is.


Yes thqats true :smile:
It makes the game what it is now


dem plants go to shear it would be fun they said…


I got caught quite a few times in the first alpha. I’ve not stepped on a plant once during the Big Alpha and only been caught by a tyrant once.

You’ll learn, eventually.

A more obvious cue that a teammate is trapped would be nice though. And a different icon for “pinned” and “downed” would be good as well.


I mean, other than the fact there’s like 25 other monsters that can 1hko you, it’s pretty safe in my honest opinion.


I think its needs to be more dangerous, you can just fly over evrything and jump on rocks and stuff.


I love them! The only thing missing is stampedes of megamouths lol :wink:


The plants and monsters are awesome. I got caught a few times in the beginning and was frustrated until I learned to spot them. Now they make for hilarious moments during combat, or sarcastic comments over skype to my team mates.

One particular monster player led us on a merry chase through all kinds of hostile monsters. We probably ended up killing more creatures than he did, and he used the time to get to level 3 and wreck our faces. I think his name was My(something)eulogy. Good player.