Carnivorous Plant Keepers (If there are any here)


Sooooooooo I havent been on the forums for a while, nor have I been playing evolve much because I’m waiting for the BIG UPDATE but regardless I am here to talk about plants, no not the plants in the game or any game. REAL LIVE LIVING plants that I keep and was wondering if anyone else here does so as well. Care and culture tips can go here, as well as pictures and anything else CARNIVOROUS PLANTS. I keep NEPENTHES which are the best carnivorous plants around as well as fairly easy to care for, I shall post pictures later of mine, the ones an here now are of other species which are large and i do not have, but they look cool! But for now have fun and post! let me know what you think!


I had one of those when I was a kid!

I’ve always wanted a venus flytrap though… Idk if they count as carnivorous…


yus they do, they just arent the ones i keep!

all of these are carnivorous plants


Anyone else think these plants are scary or is it just me?


Nope, just you. I love carnivorous plants!


Just a tad bit scurry


In Soviet shear. Plant eat you


They look cool and all, but those teeth thingys


those aint teeth THESE ARE TEETH


I had a Venus fly trap once. I don’t really have a green thumb though…


Ouch, how bad was the bite? :stuck_out_tongue:


What’d I tell yooooooooou?!


######My bad : P


I already hv my Carnivorous Plant at Home since 8 years and it is still alive :stuck_out_tongue: its a Nepenthes plant


My mum always told me: See a plant, kill a plant!