Car people unite!


Thats a Corvette C3 Stingray am i right? my dads dreamcar :stuck_out_tongue: and indeed the look is unmatched!


Correct! It’s mine as well haha


This is one like his


:open_mouth: i am jealous!!! what engine you got? a big block? :heartpulse:

and oh yeah you people seriously need to stop making me jealous with you’re american beauty’s xD goddamit now i want to move…


Thats funny, us Americans want to see the European beauties XD


isnt that wierd? we want all the euro cars cuz they are too expensive here. and they want our american cars.

although I do feel that eu has 10x more pride in thier cars than america does. we take pride in power. they pride the whole concept of a supercar.


Like this?


The BMW M1… Oh come to daddy :joy:


And this


And this


So true a good car for us is a car that handles well and is fast when you want it. That is why they cost so much :stuck_out_tongue: because it isnt only raw power but the way that power makes it to the road and how that power helps you get trough a corner and how the airflow over the body can be manipulated so that it pushes the car to the ground giving it extra cornering speed. for example in transmissions: The gearbox used in the Ferarri F12 Berlinetta is an double clutch gearbox straight out of formula 1 technologie it can shift gears in a few miliseconds!! and that with a huge V12 with 750 Bhp telling it to go FKING FASTER!!! and the aero of the pagani Huayra wich has flaps al over his front and rear like an airplane that change their possition during a corner so that the car has the most downforce in that perticulair situation


Anyway, here’s my car:



I mean it’s my dream car as well haha. I wish I had it!


What about this one? had the privelige to drive with sombody on a track with this monster


The french have a solution for that

And this lady’s and Gentlemen is why french cars are just… no…


This is the official TRS car… @SlabOMeat can support this


I might hate you right now… Haha


I rofled 10chars


…What am I looking at?

And how dare this abomination carry the name of our glorious beasts?!


I used to pronounce Peugot like pew gut XD
Yes I know that van is a Renault