Car people unite!


Brought this thread back from the dead!

Thought I’d share the current car I’m building. 1970 Mustang, inspired by the Trans Am racing series in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The car is built for the track but will be street legal and driven to work on the occasional Friday! I’ve built this car from the ground up! Literally every nut and bolt replaced and everything modified. I learned how to use a planishing hammer on this one to make the fender flares!

Just got it running a couple weeks ago. Still need to finish the fender flares on the right side, along with a bunch of other bits before it can be disassembled again and sent to paint.


Still haven’t decided between blue race car style or green street car style.


I too really like cars, especially muscle cars. My favourite would be the Camaro ZL1 2018 (as you might notice when you check my profile as well). It’s apparently a car that takes corners really well for a muscle car and muscle cars usually are heavy and hard to turn…doesn’t seem to be the case for the ZL1.

It’s a car worth 65 000$, but performance speaking, it is worth the price. Too bad today’s muscle cars are this rare in france…


Holy crap that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing!



The ZL1 is incredible!!!


I know, right? I’d love to test it out, but muscle cars from post 2000 are super rare in France, all I see are muscle cars from the 60’s on the internet.


The ZL1 is still quite rare here, even in SoCal. I’ve only seen a few, but yeah, it would be a unicorn in France!


I’m not a car enthusiastic, but I think it would look great in blue. Reminds me of some old movies where I would see it.


Blue, Totally Blue!! :slight_smile:


I’m a sucker for orange or black.


Saw a red one on the freeway tonight. First red one I have seen. Really stunning.


couldn’t resist


That freaks me out.