Car people unite!


Well then I’m test driving and inspecting that sucker before I buy it!


Haha yeah sure always do that :stuck_out_tongue: but unfortunatly you cant look inside the engine :frowning:


Depends on which year to me.

Evo x and beyond need $ to make them look good otherwise they are lacking stock.

Wrx changes every year lol. I like the look of some and others i absolutely hate. But from what i know subaru holds longer value and has a better engine. And THE BEST sound of any 4 cyl i know.

So you cud buy an sti try it. Then turn around and get more than what an evo would be worth lol.


Soooo i got a letter today regarding my speeding fine that was 2 years ago :stuck_out_tongue: drove a Little bit to hard… 81km/h to fast actually… gonna hear the final verdict on july 8th :frowning: probably a HUGE fine and thats hopefully it xD i hope they donth take away my drivers license for 6 months or that i have to do voluanteering work as punishment ;( that being said. the dumbasses took 2 years!!! to decide what to do with it… goverments you gotta love em…


lol I’d actually be surprised if you didn’t get a suspension for 81km/h over


meto :stuck_out_tongue: but still 2 years after is a little absurd almost forgot that it happend… ive been driving around for 2 years without a single ticket or what ever since the incident :stuck_out_tongue:


Rez thread was rezzed 0.o


Did my Lamborghini drive yesterday! I don’t remember if I put a link to the company that put the event on so here:

The way it works is they send out a pace car or two followed by all the supercars they have that day. They all do three laps. Every car has an instructor. The pace cars are always driven by an instructor. You can purchase a ride along in the pace car for about $45, a ride along in a supercar or a drive in a supercar. Those prices depend on the car.

I did a ride along in the pace car first. They had two pace cars, a Camaro ss and an evo x. I rode in the evo. It was insane! The guy was ridiculously good! Every turn the tires were screaming.

I drove a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. I couldn’t believe how in control I felt even when flooring it! Obviously I was nowhere near the limits of the cars capabilities, so that’s probably why it felt so calm. But the sound!!! Unbelievable!!

I also purchased the video package where they’ll record the drive from two angles in the car. They give you a flash drive to give to the instructor to start recording. Unfortunately my instructor must have forgot to press record. I got home, and no video ;-; They are refunding me some money, but still… ;-; I guess it just means I’ll have to go again! ^.^


Alright… Sooo Alfa Romeo just announced their new ride… Where can i leave my money?

Its called the Alfa Romeo Giulia. as an tribute to the oldtimer with the same name.

the top model comes with a Ferarri build 3 liter twin turbo V6 wich pumps out 510 Bhp to the rearweels!!! and this all with limited slip diff and a manual gearbox <3 please take my money


looks…out of my price range lol.


Standard model will be around €35.000 i think. and top line with the V6 you should look at BMW M3 pricing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


once it gets to USA. its like 45k for an m3 :frowning:


€35.000 is dutch pricing model wich is insane for cars, in dollars idk. anyway got a little video to :D!


story time!

so my lease is ending in august for my ford focus. basically im over in milage so im just gonna pay it off as a wash and walk away. no point in trading it in.

so I naturally go to ford since thats where i bought it from. planned to get a 2015 mustang v6 manual…not even the area, ALL of California only has 2 manual v6 AND ecoboost mustangs. they told me it could take upwards ot 3 months or more to get a manual because they are basically phasing them out :frowning: so the only manual will be the 5.0.

So i ask them for a 2014, I like those as well and I would get one for sure. the guys bring back a list for all the used cars i could qualify for…low and behold I am now an owner of a 2013 WRX! 30k with 40k miles.

not my picture. but anyways it was a pretty crazy change of events. went for a mustang left with a WRX XD

NOTE: so Idk if you guys recall. but im the guy who had a mustang for a week and they took it back bcuz no bank would “accept” the loan. so now im in the same time period of hoping that doesnt happen to me again!


May I present… The zenvo st1


Latest pics…




Whoa. That looks brutal.


The Lazarus Device commands


Ashtooon! Buddy! It’s been ages that we haven’t seen you! Also, nice revival for a leader.