Car people unite!


So i got damn lucky today… thhere was a big police vechile chek in my area and ofcourse they stoped me because my echaust sound is to loud xD the maximum for my car is 84DB at 4000 RPM and i was at 97DB at 4000 RPM XD. but i got lucky ass hell and they didnt give me a ticket because they are on strike and not giving tickets just warnings xD or else this would have cost me probably aorund 500 bucks or more xD


Nice thread necro. :wink:


Anybody seen the new furious 7 movie?


Thread necro!

I’m going to get to drive one of these on a track!!


My soon to be baby.

or this


srsly tho. I’m going to do a few laps in a Gallardo!


Sweeeeeeet :slight_smile: never drove a lambo before, driven a few ferarri’s thx to my fiat connections haha :stuck_out_tongue: more a ferarri guy anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


My wife in front of the Fast and Furious replica at Orlando Studios a few years back.

Shes a big muscle car fan.


I can’t wait! I’m a little nervous though. Pretty sure the fastest car I’ve driven is a Ford fusion lol


Im simple '42 Chevy Pickup

I saved and saved for months to buy one from a guy down the street from me when I was 17 for $7500 and couldnt get the scratch together in time. Ive wanted one ever since…that grill man, that grill


Slips into the thread

Always been one of my favourites. She’s gorgeous.
Too bad I can’t drive :confused:


You should do it. I can help.


Best boss ever. :wink:

@RaggityMan Sweet. :smiley: Tell us how it was when you get back? :stuck_out_tongue:


Im saving for the 2015! I shud have it by august or september!


For sure! It’s not until father’s day weekend.

@kyronr600 I just saw a 2015 Shelby drive by the other day. Amazing! Upload a picture when you get it :slight_smile:


To not let this thread die :stuck_out_tongue:

i am thinking about selling my Alfa MiTo ( the red one in OP ) and buying a Subaru Impreza WRX :blush: or a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO but the EVO is almost everytime with right handed stearing… and i need a lefty xD


Subies are bae. ;p


Altough very freqeuently you find one that has been mistreaded and just used for steppin on the pedal :frowning:


I’m willing to take those chances. :wink:


Untill you see the bill of a full engine revision :stuck_out_tongue: