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Ecoboost… i donth understand that wich person would want a 4 Cillinder Turbo in a mustang? when you can have a V8?


oh true. i mean he didnt clarify so i assumed haha…

a v8 turbo would be NASTY lol. but most ppl supercharge those.


Yeah true :stuck_out_tongue: altough a Athmosphericly blown engine is still and always be more AWESOME. since a turbo mute’s allot of sound to :stuck_out_tongue: unless you go straight pipes like i did on my Turbo charged engine

EDITL let me dig up a video to :stuck_out_tongue:


Will do! Ill try anyway, I may forget :laughing:

And I here you about the Ecoboost Turbo, they are total shit. In fact, I think I have done more Turbos on F150s and Escapes than on any other vehicle. A few months back there was a Recall for the 1.6L Escape Turbos; they were leaking, and because a turbo gets really hot, it would set the engine on fire. The F series turbos just lock-up all the time -.- its annoying.


If I could have just one dream car, or would be this. The car Stallone drove in Cobra!


Ive put Superchargers in the 5.0 Mustangs, and let me tell you, THEY FUCKIN FLY. :laughing:


Here ya go.

the 1st video is withouth the bigger turbo and just revving

and this one is with bigger turbo and actually driving :stuck_out_tongue: ( turn up volume sound is low… stupid go pro… )


this was my fear. the ecoboost turbo is pretty much untested. and the high end power spike u get doesnt feel any faster then shooting out the gates of a v6. the v6 sounded 10x better and was 1k cheaper. with my financials it was the best choice. and then the bank said no…

I think i worked them to hard and they tried to lowball me after or take the car back. I was 100$ above invoice on a 2015 only 3 months old car lol. they started the price 10k higher than invoice!


Wow sounds like they really tried to fuck ya :laughing:


its ok. Im building my credit like crazy right now with like 800$ payments at a time. and Ill put down 3k next time. i should get it no problem. but im not paying anything higher than invoice. since i got it there last time. in fact i should get it cheaper since invoice goes down over time.


@Nightmare297 @kyronr600 i give you the prices for the 2015 mustang here in holland:

Ecoboost engine: €55.000
V8 : €110.000

Belgium ( wich is a 15 minute drive but i cant buy one there since i donth live there…)
Ecoboost: €35.000
V8: €42.500

Damn i love the taxes here :angry:


crazy cuz its the first time ford has EVER sold a mustang globally. and look at those prices!!! I can think of at least 10 cars for that price that would smoke the daylights out of the v8


You got a listing for the V6?

And those prices are high as shit in Holland lol.

Edit: The American value is closer to Belgium btw


For example:

Ford mustang V8 = €110.000
435 HP & 280 Torque
0-60 = 4.5s
Top speed: 164 Mph / 264 Km/h

Bmw M3 Sedan V6 = €110.096
431 HP & 550 Torque
0-60 : 4.1s
Top Speed: Limited at 250 Km/h / 155 Mph ( Without Limiter probably 280 Km/h )
And better build


Haven personally driven a v6. i can say the independant suspension is 10x better than previous models. but apparently the camaro still handles better on a track. meaning the bmw outshines both of them lol


Well duh :stuck_out_tongue: we europeans donth only build cars for straight line speed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but cornering speed and handling aswell thats why they are 10x more expansive :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw did anybody talk about a beautifull engine! My brand does also care about how it looks under the bonnet:


let me see if i can find any

EDIT; they not gonna sell the V6 here :smile:


OH YEAH! i forgot reading about that. they didnt even want to sell it cuz EU is about fuel effeciency…so lets sell the v8 instead !! lol.

beautiful motor btw.


No one likes cars anymore? ^.-