Car people unite!


One of my favorite cars:


which one is that? thats not the carrera or however u spell it right?


Porsche 918 Carrera. Porsche answer to the MP1 and the LaFerarri


No wait nvm its the carerra GT


You can click the image, tells you in the address.


Aha i was right! yeah I love that one too. but If i had to choose itd be the 911 turbo gt all day. its a giant go-kart of perfection.




I do not like this car… its just an Audi TT with an Blown up engine…

you want fast… i give you this:

The Lamborghini Sesto-Elemento!

Just listen to that sound <3

@XkrSkorpion @MidnightRoses @Darth_Revan will agree…


I’m not a car fan. ^.^


2015 Ford Mustang w/ a blown up turbo.

Im gonna be busy tonight!


ooooomyyygoooddd!!! SWEET!!! donth like the rims tough :stuck_out_tongue: but thats a small detail!!!


Yeah they are just base model rims. The owner has a second set which is far nicer (Ill find a picture for ya :wink: ) but we are just coming out of winter around here and the roads are totally destroyed lol Once they fix the roads, the he will put the nice rims on :smiley:


Roads destroyed :open_mouth: our roads here never go to shit when its winter :stuck_out_tongue: now i understand why our road tax is a little higher :stuck_out_tongue:


2015 Ford Mustang Outlaw Rims w/ Gloss Black Finish



Yeah our roads suck, and the DPW doesnt do anything, so they typically arent fixed till the end of the summer :laughing:


ill make a picture of our roads tommorow morning :stuck_out_tongue: i live near the border of our town and the roads here are 100% in shape goes for the whole country that saying


Ill take a pic of ours lol you will laugh :laughing:


if you could get a vid on that new turbo sound,…thatd be great. I got the v6 cuz i couldnt stand the sad sound of of ecoboost. and wasnt going to put money i didnt have on a better turbo.