Car people unite!


Fair enough. I need to get something more affordable and practical but still fun. I’m looking at a few hot hatches now. What do you think of the Focus ST?


The Focus ST looks like a cool car to drive!! Where do you live europe of US? since most EU brands have more hothatches to choose from :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in the US, where people hate hatchbacks for some reason.


Haha a hot hatch is really fun to drive if you have the right one :stuck_out_tongue: i unfortunatly aren that informed about the US market but i think the BMW 1M would be fun to :stuck_out_tongue: the 1 series but then the M version


ah I forgot they made that. I vaguely remember an episode of Top Gear talking about it. I’ll have to do some research. Thanks!


We need clarkson back… top gear aint the same without him…


Just read about his suspension on wikipedia, looks like we need to start watching Zvezda. Also, delivered a petition to the BBC to reverse their decision in a death star (world of tanks reference. it’s actually not the same as a death star (fv215b 183), but it’s close)!

anyway, back to the cars.


Back to cars indeed! With the AMC Javelin

Nice Hennessey btw @MidnightRoses


I haven’t watched since :confused:


Careful announcing your love for BMW
@MidnightRoses will try to sell you one
… You’re already signing the papers aren’t you


probably becuz there arent any new episodes after the fight :stuck_out_tongue:


And yeah… she sold me 10 of em… the evil…



You made it too easy.


Still wont let this thread die… i KNOW THERE ARE MORE CAR PEOPLE AROUND!!!


Cars always bored me. If anything, a bike would be my choice. Much like the one I linked.


Woah that thing is sick. Third most expensive car ever made. Costs $1 million more than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. It’s the first car to have diamonds in its headlights. btw here’s another great angle



Go Speed racer? :smile:
@MidnightRoses what kinda BMW would you sell me, I want something that says sporty and classy but not a self important jerk, which BMW would you recommend?


All of them, my friend.

All but our roofless cars convey that sense of style. The roofless ones come off as arrogant, personally. And retarded.