Car people unite!


Nice thread. Some great cars posted. I actually just got back from Las Vegas and drove the Audi R8 and Porsche 991 GT3 on the road course at Exotics Racing.

The R8 sounds and looks great, but it didn’t handle nearly as well as i’d have expected.

The Porsche on the other hand was damn impressive, handles like a dream and was surprisingly powerful for a naturally aspirated flat 6. I’m impressed they eeked 475 hp out of that. Fun fun fun car to drive.

Sadly, neither of them is my true “dream car” That title still stays with Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R. @Macman, I know you said you had one and the upkeep was insane and I don’t disagree, but it does have a handbuild and mated engine and transmission.

You think maintenance on it was painful at 60k miles? Try looking at a Ferrari or Lamborghini 15k maintenance :smile:

Anywho, here’s some pictures from Vegas!


That is one smexy looking car.


Heres another American muscle!
The Plymouth Roadrunner


There are a lot of cars here which one :stuck_out_tongue:


Morgans are sexy dude don’t knock em! Lol


This thread… why has it gone quiet? there must be more!


IDK!! i’m scared!!





Thank you. I try.

Wait, who’s Monash?


Monash??? who said monash?


I see that!


As do I.

I see all.


But that’s Gobi’s job, maybe you can know all. Then you would know where the monster is at all times, you wouldn’t be hindered like Gobi.


I am Gobi’s mother. I found him when he was a chick and saved his life. I raised him, educated him, fed him. Then Crow stole him from me with that fancy helmet. I will get vengeance one day.


Poor Rose, and poor Gobi.


Oh please. Gobi’s fine. Have you seen him sitting on that guy’s arm, chirping away? H-he doesn’t even know I exist. :cry:

Getting back on topic, I also like the Toyota Camry. Good car.


Or this! the BMW M5

drove an M3 once never tought a family sized car would drive so great


I want! Which would you take between that and an Audi S6?


the beamer… since i dislike VW with every fiber in my body :slight_smile: