Car people unite!


Vans :smiley:
Lol jk
Rally is good


This picture screams “Get in the van”



Here in europe there are so many of them 4 sale :stuck_out_tongue: i guess it way way more populare here then in the states ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Those new VW vans are actually not that ugly!


Creepy ass vans


Owner of a suzuki,which i must say for a small town like Sparta is the best you could get.Makes driving(automatic also)+ parking so easy.

But because my father where also racing back in his day we always had a “fast-ish” car you know for…reasons

Tho with the gas prices right now in Greece i don’t drive it that much but whenever i wanna drive fast or go for a long ride i can always go with the 200HP/2liter Golf GTI:

PS.Supercars are awesome and stuff but i’d take an old Impala anyday than a porche or ferrari


Yeah Muscle cars are awesome!


Donth let this thread die :frowning: here’s some more car pron


You hipster, Shin. Driving a motorbike while everyone else has a car? How…swag…of you.


Looks nicer than a car to me. ^.-


THIS THREAD SHALL be glassed by the cybersquidarmy ARMADA!IT belongs to the cybersquidarmy now!


Squids < Cars, mate.


We will drive over jelly squidfaces muahahah


The golf gti is a sweet as hothatch!! Driven a couple of em they drive suprisengly well


Not that i’ve driven many cars but i can recommend it.Going with 160km and it feels smooth AF.
Also i have managed to reach it 240km but i still dunno how much i can make it to go(small city small roads can’t really run here)


Yeah 240 is pretty much top speed i guess.


I can’t tell if people would take this as insulting or not, it’s not meant to be:

I think that looks like a car Batman’s wife would drive. (If he had one, obviously)


Hahaha yeahh imagine this with an afterburner on the back and some missiles coming out the front :stuck_out_tongue: