Car people unite!


Haha yeah most things you can do eith you’re regular tools but somethings require special tools haha oh you wanna fix that alright that will be 100$ in parts but you need this special wrench to so that makes it $500 in total please


That special wrench was painful to look at the price of XD
Yup I’ve got an inline six 1993 e300. It was a tank for a good long while but the head blew on it


Ahh a real mercedes haha inline 6 is very very good engine. To bad you head blew did you get a replacement for it or had it rebuild?


Sure did, cost me an arm and a leg but I’ve got it :slight_smile:
I got a replacement


Yeah probably cheaper then having it rebuild :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol yeah the rebuild price I would’ve just sold off the car and used it for down payment on a “new” car :smile:
My next car will definitely be diesel… I love diesel engines


Diesel is good if you drive allot of miles per year :stuck_out_tongue: but nothing beats a gasoline engine :smile:


By the way something else showed up at work today :slight_smile:
I Love it and i want it… NOW xD


I like holding on to my vehicles for a while :wink:
Like my father owns the 7.3 liter international harvester engine Ford Excursion. Its at 255k miles and runs like the day he bought it brand new off the lot :smile:


Man, those Supras have aged a lot better than most other things from that time. Gorgeous.


Yeah diesel engine’s keep good for a lot of miles/km here a Gasoline engine is ready for a rebuild at 300.000Km and a diesel engine keeps going strong till 700.000+


Those are awesome, they kinda remind me of lotus in a way


Yeah its a Roadster/Trackday kinda idea. Engine in the back directly behind the seats, 1750ltr 4 Cillinder turbo engine Real wheel drive, no Power steering you name it :stuck_out_tongue: not even a airbag xD its as light as it can be :stuck_out_tongue: with a full Carbon cockpit that is


Btw this is an awesome car to!

gotaa love those old rally cars


Gotta love all things rally really :slight_smile:


no point arguing with that :stuck_out_tongue:


I think its time for a new category in cars ^.^


Rally cars ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nuff Said


That would be my “car”, if I got one.


I have been trying to buy an early 80’s Audi Quattro for what feels like forever. You hardly eve see one go up for sale, and when they do, it’s either a basket case or ends up on Bring a Trailer and is sold in 5 minutes. But one day, I’m going to mash a gas pedal and hear a turbo charged 5 cylinder growling under my foot. :smile: