Car people unite!


As a sort of goodwill present from my former employers. :slight_smile:

I eat ramen all the time and I’m at work 90% of the time, I finish my monthly quotas two months in advance, and I used to drive a Camry. So a fair few. :wink:


That’s a damn good goodwill present, you leave the car business in america after a successful career and they tell ya don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out! That’s at almost ALL American dealerships… Sigh, I cant say i miss devoting 80+ hours a week of my life to that industry it must be nicer where you are lol


But that beauty right next to it… OH.


my gawd, the sounds… the look… ONE DAY.


I really want to drive one of these one day, I think you can over in England for a fee for track cars that aren’t quite f1 but its close


I take it it’s the A5, I doubt they would give away an S5/RS5 for free


All this talk and no mention of Plymouth? Tears and sadness.

Although I can proudly state driving a Challenger is one of lifes greatest pleasures


Yep, A5. Beautiful car. Not as good as the kangaroo, but a tad more…appropriate.


Everyone here talking about these cars when you forgot the real beauty Chitty chitty bang bang





You realize how absurdly dangerous that is, do you not?


I like to live life on wild side :slight_smile:



I’ll have you know I attacked the tier four team at stage one
And only cried for 20 seconds afterwards


The first and last ever flying car ^.^


I’ll just leave this here, its the LADA Raven :wink:


Oehhh this is a sick car!!! We had some nice work today switching out a turbo charger on a nissan skyline gtr :slight_smile: btw the whole engine was fked xD


Oh my that’s unfortunate haha


Yeah i bet that customor wasnt happy. We luckely found a good and cheap donor engine so could be worse xD try and get those parts haha was an japanese inport car so not even an eu nissan dealer would have those parts xD


That sounds a lot like my German made Mercedes! Oh you want to fix it yourself? Too bad! You have to buy the Mercedes toolkit DLC for your tool box! :joy: