Car people unite!


This thread is for all people who love cars!. You can show of you’re own car and give some information about you’re beauty! every brand is welcome! from European to Japanese!

Let me set things of by showing my 2 cars.

My heart lies with a beauty out of italy.

The Alfa Romeo 75 V6 Quadrofoglio Verde

I own this car for a few years now and it is the best and most fun car i have EVER driven.
The last REAL Alfa Romeo!

Some information:
Year of production: 1988
Engine: 3 Litre V6 with 189Bhp
Trans-Axle (Engine in front Gearbox in back )
Real Wheel drive
Sport Exhaust

This car is inmensly fun to drive and i can never stop smiling when i drive this :smile: with a beautifull V6 Alfa Romeo sound

More Pictures:

What you have just seen is my hobby car. And you can guess my daily driver is an Alfa Romeo to :stuck_out_tongue:

The Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 Turbo

This is my daily driver :slight_smile: it comes original with an 1.4 Turbo Charged engine with 155Bhp and 230Nm of torque. Since i am a mechanic myself i upped it a little bit :smile: it if now fitted with an bigger turbo charger, From Turbo to back full SuperSprint Racing Exhaust, 6 Speed gearbox with hardened gears and with some ECU tuning it comes togheter to somthing like 220 Bhp and 350Nm of torque. All of this brings this puppy from 0-100Km/h (60mph) in 6,5 Seconds with a top speed of 250Km/h.

Interior is full option with Leather seats, Satnav you name it.

Donth have that much pictures of this car but will try to get some more when i cleaned her again :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you guys have some awesome cars to show you’re self and i would love an opinion on my cars and what you think of them! I know @MacMan is a HUGE car far so i am interessted to see what he can bring to the table’s!


I’m not a car person, but my wife is a HUGE muscle car and mid 20th century cars fan.


I LOVE 1969 era American Muscle cars my dream is to own a 1969 Dodge Charger 420 HEMI once <3


Ya, she loves Dodge Vipers as well. She had a Thunderbird growing up.


Yeah a viper is a cool car. Those thundebirds are some fun cars to! only havent seen them in person yet since American muscle cars arent so popular here in the netherlands :stuck_out_tongue: ( stupid gas prices :frowning: €1,60 for 1 litre of gasoline :frowning: )


Ah an Alfa Romeo driver! Good to see a fellow petrol head!

As for me I dare not show my ford off but this is the car of my dreams:
The Morgan Aero Supersport
It says I’m new and can’t upload tho :’(


Ah yeah morgan i know them. unique kinda car. but it looks fun to drive

Hera ya go


Your wife is a collection of cars? The life of the pro gamer! :wink:


<3 I must own one someday, its classic looking, sporty without the vulgarness of a Lamborghini ^.^


Me personally would rather have a Lamborghini then haha :stuck_out_tongue: but i am more a Ferarri person :stuck_out_tongue:

This for example:

The Ferarri F12 Berlineta had the privelige of driving one once since i work for Alfa Romeo the connection to Ferarri (fiat :stuck_out_tongue: ) isnt hard to make :stuck_out_tongue:


dyslectics of the world untie!


Whut? xD 10char


Don’t get me wrong, I love Lamborghini, the closest I’ve had to driving a lambo was when I worked for Toyota a customer came in and let me drive his Ferrari 458. It was amazing :slight_smile: though the Berlinata? I am jealous of you


Oehhh the 458 beautifull car!! A raw italian V8 with a engine noise that wil make you hard


Well… I might have ripped a hole in the front of my trousers from it XD


Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: yeah cars can do that in a way no woman can :stuck_out_tongue: a beautifull but expensive hobby, Luckily you can save some bucks if you can do some stuff you’re self


True enough, I sometimes wish I was a great football star like David Beckham so I could afford such hobbies XD
But a fixed up Lancia (rally) or Subaru WRX STI will do in a pinch :wink:


Haha yeah i wish i won the lottery xD

The Lancia Delta Integrale <3 awesome car! ageless styling and a very VERY sweet engine!

altough a WRX STI is sweet to!


I had to stop everything I was doing just to admire this car, I’ve always loved the Lancia Delta :smile:

I’m the kind of person that loves super cars and all but its the ones that you can drive the rims off of and fix up yourself that bring me the most joy from my love of cars

Well maybe save for the TVR Sagaris, that’s too much work! XD


This is my ideal car, but I’m too young to own a car yet.

Acura NSX

I’m also really into American Muscle such as Camaros and Challengers.