Capture the Cupcakes Gametype Please?


So I came up with a little minigame that I feel would be fun for all. Many of you know TRS has a thing for cupcakes, seeing as they represented the hunters’ dead bodies during development AND the fact that there is a cupcake easteregg in the final game.

So why not use this to create a gametype? In it, the 4 hunters could be replaced with 4 giant cupcakes. The cupcakes would have no weapons, but in return will have increased movement speed, jetpack buffs, and access to lazarus’ invisibility. The object of the game for the cupcakes is not to get caught during an allotted time period. If a cupcake is downed, it’s fellow pastries will need to revive it before it gets eaten.

Now, this part of the gametype is debatable. We COULD have the monster be the one to find and eat the cupcakes, but why not make it interesting? Since the only character on the game that can see the cupcake easteregg on the ship is the support, why not put the support in the monster’s position? Players could choose between Hank, Bucket, Cabot and Sunny instead of the monsters.

What do you all think? Would this be a fun gametype?