Captain America: Civil War


This movie is going to be insane, I’m currently curious if the rest of the forum is hyped or not for this amazing movie??
What team would you guys be on?

Me, personally #TeamStark

We’ve got:
The Vision
Black panther
War Machine
Iron man

then #TeamCapt has:
Scarlet Witch
Hawk Eye
Ant Man
The winter soldier
Captian America

Any opinions on turn outs? I know in the Comics/new 52 editions have already explained the turn out, but you know the movie doesn’t always usually turn out the same, so im kinda excited.


I’m excited for it! I’m going to watch it with or without my family the day it comes out (okay maybe like a week and a half)


As a fan of the OG civil war series, I don’t really know hot to feel. The conflict was so good in the comics. I was definitely on Cap’s side for that, but even then I didn’t agree with him 100%. I wanted to wring Tony Stark’s neck, and when thor/ hulk whup his ass separately I was happy(not in the civil war series). I don’t really know the point of contention in the movie besides Bucky being free and Tony wants to end the Avengers or something.

In the end I just want the Hulk to come back after a (very well done) Planet Hulk movie and do World War Hulk. I want the writing to be good enough to let me hate one side. I’m worried they might not do that because they want both sides to remain likable so no one’s favorite superhero ends up a douchebag. I mean Tony in the comics was a traitorous conniving weasel and cap was an out of touch idealist. I mean straight up war crimes on both sides. It was dope.

I’m looking forward to the movie, but i’m skeptical.


Comic series will always be better, movie wise I’m excited for this and Spider-Man’s 30min scene


I’m super hyped man.

#TeamIronMan for lyfe.

It’s not even about who I like more, or who I think would actually win. For me it’s ideals. Tony wants to regulate superheroes and stick with the government. Cap wants superheroes to have free reign to not be held down by government laws and regulations.

I just can’t see where cap is in the right though. He effectively betrays half the avengers to save an old friend while also turning his back on the American government. From trailers I’ve seen its always showing cap in a bad light. Rhodes gets shot out of the air, the Bucky attacks shield, Cap doesn’t even want to talk with Tony, etc.

Unfortuneately, it’s going to be much different than the comics I’m sure, so they may end up having Cap win it cuz it’s his movie. It looks good but I’m hoping they have a good resolution to appease both sides and not let down one or the other.


I think if Batman V. Superman has taught me anything with these superhero movies is to just take them with a grain a salt to the source material.

I think it is still the same idea, but the whole Bucky story line is how they’re marketing it. He’s prob the reason for the registration, instead of the young super heroes or whatever in the comics. I hope when I go watch this on Thursday I come out hating/liking both sides like I did in the comics.



Batman V. Superman I felt was disappointing actually


Well it’s a Captain America movie so I bet his team wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought my tickets last week. Going opening night. Can’t wait.

Hawkeye is best.



The winners of this fight are irrelevant because hulk will destroy everyone after his storyline comes into play(if the movies stay true to the comics).

Edit: Didn’t mean to reply to you specifically, don’t know why it did that.


That and if somehow Hulk died, his pants would not. xD

Team Cap

Because women make decisions for me.

Imo, I’m Team Teen Titans. Still waiting for a Teen Titans movie, not some cartoon with fart jokes.


Are you telling me its not out in the usa yet? I watched it last thursday in south africa


Hot Guy.

giggles uncontrollably


Doesn’t cap die in civil war?

I dunno.


Seriously. Hawkeye is best Avenger.

No super powers, only has bow and kickass fighting skills.

Also he has a freaking bow.

Did I mention the bow yet?



You left out how he has a secret family in The second avengers.



That’s pretty cool too.

Dat bow though.

I like bows if you can’t tell. I only used them my whole life to hunt deer amd turkey. Also I have quite a few trophies from archery competitions I used to attend.


I’ll watch it this weekend. Funnily enough, my mom is more excited for it than my brother and I am xD


My prediction: This movie is going to be what batman v superman THOUGHT it was going to be.


Seriously though, why does america get these movies so much later than the other countries??