Captain America 3 (Spoiler thread for people who HAVE watched it)


We do have a Captain America thread already, but its mostly filled with anticipation for the movie, so I figured we could have this one for the people who already watched it to discuss this amazing movie without spoiling it for the poor waiting people.


Could you move your seat forward?



… what?


Whaddya mean what? That part was great!


I loved that part! And then the shared smile when cap gets some


Haha now i remember, i guess i didnt find it as funny. My favorite line was “who’s speaking?” “It’s your conscience, we havent spoken in a while”


Antman is great XD


Spidey shouting HOLY SHIT when antman turned into giantman was pretty great too


Love how this thread involved three people eight days ago, was active for less than five hours, and then died.


Yeah its quite sad


The other thread is active though :open_mouth: