Capitalize Emet?


Emet’s name isn’t capitalized like everyone else. Please fix?

Emet should be EMET like all the other bots during the team screen, or the picture I posted. Not Emet or E.M.E.T. If a hunter is a bot, their name is in caps, so bot Emet should be EMET to correspond with the other hunter bots.


It might not be a bug. I always assumed Emet was an abbreviation so it might be done that way on purpose.


Nothing ever happened here


I agree but I think OP means that everyone else in the team has it capitalized and Emet doesn’t.


I think you’re right. Gonna edit my post.


That always bugged me, glad to see someone else notice it too. Plus the subtitles for Emet’s healing buoys (‘spikes’) is also off.


I don’t think it’s a bug. I think Emet is a special case.

He is an E.M.E.T. Unit that happens to be named Emet as well.


emet is special alright but it doesn’t make sense either way if everyone elses name is capitalized. it’s def an error.


No. On the screen I provided, His name is Emet when it should be EMET. Every other hunter whos played by a bot has their name in caps.



His NAME is Emet, but what he is is an E.M.E.T. drone.

EDIT: NVM I see what you’re talking about now, I was too hasty :stuck_out_tongue:
On the title screen ONLY it should be capitalized like the rest, yes.

Can you still edit the OP? If you can’t do you want me to add a bit to clarify? Looks like a bunch of ppl thought the same as me.


I tried to clarify. Unfortunately I didn’t know that people would overlook the picture and think Emet should only be rewritten as EMET outside of the team screen.

Hopefully I clarified enough :emetoh: