Capacity Perk for Abilities

  1. Can someone give me a list of all the hunter abilities affected by capacity, and also ablities affected by capacity have a longer recharge time?
  2. Does anyone know if vanilla Daisy benefits from any perks


Daisy is affected by all perks.



thanks. so your saying if maggie takes health regen, daisy gets it as well?, or if maggie takes movement speed daisy also gets it?


That is correct.[quote=“divineXdemon, post:3, topic:82787”]
if maggie takes movement speed daisy also gets it?
Daisy will always keep ahead of you if you are following her, but technically yes.


Now if only capacity was 50%… we could have 2 Daisy’s! lol




Daisy is affected by:
movement speed
Damage reduction
Damage increase (combat daisy)
Health regeneration

Abilities/items affected by capacity
Lightning gun
Assault rifle
Tesla gun
Blitz rifle
Multiple-fire rocket launcher
Combat shotgun
Mortar Launcher
Automatic shotgun
Shield projector
Laser Cutter
Shield charger
Laser beam
Guided missile launcher
Damage amp
Jetpack booster
Armor reducer
Siren missiles/mines
Machine pistol
Tracking dart
Custom shotgun
Kinetic long rifle
Stasis gun
Dual pistol
Armor piercing sniper rifle
Tranquilizer Darts
Chain medgun
Semi-Automatic sniper rifle
Poison Darts
Silenced sniper rifle
Napalm grenades
Healing grenades
Leech gun
Replay cannon

Currently capacity does NOT make things take longer to recharge. Items with capacity will recharge/reload at their given time. They have mentioned that they will fix/change it but need to figure out who is affected by it the most to balance it.

Orbital Barrage voice command removed

Call RV’s gun a DMR. It’s exactly like one.


A dmr? Don’t recognize that


Semi-Automatic Rifle.


Designated Marksman Rifle. Similar to Sniper Rifles but hold a smaller round and don’t require a rechamber of the round every time you fire.


I thought about that. But now I want to know what the dmr stands for.

Edit. Ahh. So now to choose :3

Question is. Even though it doesn’t pierce the armor in the same way but deals more damage. I don’t think it would fit dmr as it seems the rounds might be bigger


Thank you. Also answered my other question which was do class abilities get affected, which i see they do not, good to know. Wonder if they’ll change that.


They had it work like that before, but it made the Dome to good.


Your thinking reload. Not capacity. All of the above are capacity affected items

But now I have DMR as a name towards a custom Hunter item :stuck_out_tongue:


Capacity worked on class abilities before though.


Nope. Never did. Reload did. Capacity doesn’t affect items with a fixed duration. Like Lazarus cloak


Not even the PS?


That might be the only possibility because it gives a 1600 shield. However I do doubt that was affected by it because a 2240 (2560 with old capacity perk) shield is a huge noticeable difference.

Plus it is still time based


I swear it had an effect. The reason why I used it all the time.