Capacity or Reload Speed with Hank?


So which one is better? I am always so conflicted on which perk to pick with this man!


Perk choice among each character is always based on the person playing and what they like (hunters and monsters) example…some people might choose damage reduction for Hank.
I like capacity, for the amount of shielding that I like to do it allows for more protection…adds to the barrage, and of course his cutter.
The thing with Hank, is understanding the pattern of attacks your opponent is doing. Not everything should be shielded…your team needs to protect themselves and not rely on you 100% of the time.
Reload, is good for more barrages but otherwise capacity is always what I choose for him.



Unless you know the monster will focus you heavily- Then DR is an amazing choice.

Eennnhhh? You sure about that?


Capacity if you have a team that knows how to position and jetpack manage properly. Capacity on Hank w/ a good team is a pretty nasty situation for a monster.

If they’re god awful pubs though you have a better chance going with Reload Speed so you get Orbital Barrages up faster. Then you can switch between trying to shield their bad mistakes and punishing with Orbital spam.


Like 90% it adds an extra couple rounds to it.


Standard orbital: 11 rounds.

Orbital when hank takes capacity: 11 rounds.

Each round does 360 damage

Just tested this all again to be sure.


Hmm, I swear awhile ago when they changed the whole capacity perk and everything…they said something about it. Well either way, I don’t spam it haha so I don’t care too much about it.


Capacity you get 1022 shield damage
Reload you get 730
Reload recharge is faster by 2% or something like that which is nothing

Reload will recharge orbital faster

Capacity is better for the team


Reload if you want more orbitals.

Capacity for more cutter and shield.


He’s right. Capacity doesn’t effect equipment like the barrage.

On topic: Capacity is better than reload in almost all instances because of a currently existing oversight in the way capacity recharges. At this point in time, having 40% more capacity does not mean you reload 40% more slowly. You still reload the shield at the normal rate.


I always go reload, especially when I know I’m going to be targeted. Shields recharge in about the same time as sunny’s drone (5 seconds or so), while orbital comes back really fast, which is Hank’s #1 defense mechanism. ONLY offensive when monster is running away or has very low armor


Dunno, a well placed orbital can be used to melt a lot of the monsters’s armour, or secure a large chunk of last minute damage when the dome is about to run out


Well, I guess everyone uses it in their own way :stuck_out_tongue: yes I do use it when the dome is about to run out, but its still risky because the monster might have half armor and think “well he used his orbital now I can go in for a strike”.


That’s why I said a good orbital :wink:



10 char


In my opinion the only viable perk as the hunters is health regeneration, except maybe for the assault who can protect himself with the shield. Especially with the support you really need health regen because you regain the lost health when you go invisible, while you’re invisible.


I only pick health regen if my medic is crap, or if I play Parnell


Healers don’t heal consistently all the time, you really need that extra health regen while you’re kiting the monster IMO.


But health regen doesn’t work when in combat IIRC, so yeah


I know that, in fact i said while you’re kiting