Capacity increase, Damage bonus or Reload speed?


Everything’s in the title : what do you prefer between those three perks ?

On paper, they basically do the same, that is increasing dps… but as a (very occasionnal) hunter, I don’t know which to choose…

(Except for Slim for example, since the damage perk won’t help to recharge your heal burst faster…)

What about you ?



Well it really depends on what hunter this is for. If we are talking slim I take Reload speed, so I can keep my gun loaded and keep up the heal bursts.



The only general usable on everyone perk and every situation is jetpack recharge and health regen
all the others are situational



That’s why I was asking between these three, which seems the best for you ?

In the situation where I’d like to increase dps, which of these should I take…?



for exemple : Slim = switch perk; Cabot = jetpack refuel with assault jetpack refuel too; hank = switch perk too, caira= reload speed… It really depends of the hunter you pick AND the composition of the team. for exemple : I said jet pack refuel for assault with cabot. but you can take health regen with lazarus etc…



you’re an assault player ?



Capacity for hank and sunny, because I get more shield juice and jet pack boost, damage output for bucket, because he is so deadly, and reload speed for all medics except Ciara cause I take capacity for 2 extra grenades



capacity is not viable :confused: With reload you have more speed boost, more heal burst… And once you have to reload with the capacity buff in a stage 3 fight, you’re doomed. I swear to you, the difference is huge. I believed a long time in the capacity until I practice with a team for the esl… Try harder with reload. I can swear it’s better for everything.




1.affects class ability(personal shield,cloak,dome,healing burst)[especially important for Laz- brings his healing burst cd to 8 seconds)

2.increases DPS by reducing time in between shots- especially effective for single fire weapons(sniper rifle,mini nuke launcher, railgun, harpoon gun)

  1. increases recharge speed of a ton of items(Hanks shield and laser cutter, Sunnys shield drone’s shield and the jetpack booster, Cabots damage amp,Vals healing gun,Markovs lightning gun)

capacity on

is okay,although I prefer reload better,because it still makes you fire more grenades per minute due to the lower downtime, but also affects the healing field(and that 30% is A LOT on a class ability)

I don’t really see a reason for dmg tbh. I like to take it for fun sometimes,but the crowbill sloths are on every map and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find an elite.15% dmg ain’t that much if the entire team is not packing it.

Jetpack 75% for the win- useful in every situation(and i still think it’s either OP or the other perks are slightly too weak)-note that the chances of finding the albino strider aren’t as high as finding an albino tyrant or sloth, which makes it a more precious bonus since you can compensate for the others with buffs(and even without compensating it’s still mighty strong)

I LOVE capacity increase on Markov,Torvald and Parnell and that’s what I usually roll with on them, but for the rest of the hunters I take reload most of the time(aside from occasionally taking jetpack recharge on the trapper-but having a dome every 42 seconds is also nice)

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I don’t like Health regen. I don’t use it on anyone I used to take it, but anymore I feel I am wasting a perk when I take it.



I gotta go with reload speed, especially with val, caira, bucket, cabot, crow, slim… you get the point



that was more of a noob perk to me anyways



I used to take it all the time, when I first got the game. I just thought with laz it seemed like a good idea, but no it never was a good idea. IMO it just doesn’t help, so yeah I am with you kinda of a noob thing.



@Guybrush , yeah well, I’m a monster player, but Assault is my second choice for sure…

(however the truth is that you play either a monster thrown in a new room, either a trapper thrown in an already-started game because lots of pub’s trappers seem to quit…)

Thanks for all your suggestions !

So, I understand it depends a lot but lots seem to think Reload is actually very reliable.
I didn’t very consider that it’d also affect my class ability…

By the way, something I’ve just thought.
Damage perk would be for someone (I mean, an assault…) that would not benefit from Capacity perk on his two weapons, but can switch between them instead of reloading.

I think of Torvald there.
A common play is to shoot your mortars, then shoot with your gun, then your mortars, etc.
You’re actually constantly using your weapons and the mortars (I guess ?) would not have its capacity increased anyway.

But of course, once again, the Reload one would still be good…
I just eliminate the Capacity choice here…

PS : Health regen…
Well,… I guess it’s only useful when you lost your medic… but that usually means a loss.
Eventually if you are the medic… maybe Laz ?



As laz I prefere to chose damage resistance. Its better so the team can punish more the monster if he focus you. Caus the health regen take too much time when you’re focused. The health regen when you are laz is available for the assault.



Capacity on torvald gives him 4 more shells in the shotgun and 2 more shells in the mortar.

So you could take reload and get 30% more shots over the round, or you could take capacity and hit 50%/40% harder and keep the same reload cycle: grenade > shotgun > mortar.



Oh woaw, it actually affects the mortars too !

Well, sounds weird but damage perk isn’t for Assault players apparently…

Bucket eventually…



Really depends on the character.



Yeah, I take Capacity on both Parnell, and Torvald.



Agree it’s totally character specific… Here’s how I roll

Wraith - traversal speed & ability cool down

Val - quick switch & reload speed
Laz - reload speed
Caria - reload speed & capacity increase
Slim - damage inc & capacity increase

Sunny, Cabot - reload speed
Hank - quick switch
Bucket - damage increase

Griffin & Maggie - jetpack
Abe & Crow - reload speed & damage increase

Markov & Torvald- quick switch & capacity
Hyde & Parnell - damage increase & capacity

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