Can't win the last Defend game Solo in Evacuation


So I am having issues completing the last Defend game in Evacuation no matter what I do.

Even if the balance is totally hunter favored. Even if the difficulty setting is hunter favored, I just can’t seem to win.

I tried with several different hunters, more prominently with Blitz Markov for his mine placements and his lightning gun, nothing helps.

To begin with, the match always starts with the monster already destroying the first turret. If I decide to defend the entire game, I lose disregardless. If I decide to hunt the stage 3 monster instead, I lose disregardless because the minions are still too powerful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe I should switch more to trapper and catch the monster before he escapes. I feel like I am missing something.

P.S. This is solely for one of my last steam achievements that I am doing this.


Get some friends to help. It’s easier to do in multiplayer. Against a bot though, he will freak out with no armor so switch to trapper and dome. He should just mitigate.


Yup, play as the trapper and dome it when it’s about to run. Then just keep chasing it after that and it should work just fine. Put it on hunter favored and I’m sure the achievement will be yours in no time. :slight_smile:


My suggestion is to use a different assault. Blitz markov is kinda bad as a bot so you would likely get better results from hyde or parnell as those are the more aggressive assaults. Just don’t use blitz markov cuz he needs to focus in order to get the higher levels of damage and the mines aren’t good for chasing after the monster to kill it. I’ve found the most success with emet as my medic but anyone except rogue val should be enough to keep your team alive. Rogue val still acts like normal val and uses her healing burst way too soon so she is easily the worst medic to have as a bot


I used blitz by going for the timer, hoping to kill the minions every single time this way. But I will definitely use Parnell or Hyde next round. I’ll probably go completely offensive with Bucket, slim and Abe.


Isnt parnell a better choice for this or trovald?


I’d go Cabot Abe Hyde and whichever medic you prefer.

Then I’d just dome the minions and monster away from the generators as you go along. I don’t know if the achievement is to just win or kill, but you can always try and force the timer


Assualt: Torvald

Medic: Emet

Support: Cabbage

Trapper: Abe

Just focus on minions. When minions die, monsta time.


The problem is the Monster starting right next to the generator. It will take out the turrets 1st then attack the Hunters; most likely the Medic 1st. It may be painful to do but stall for time by focusing on the minions.
Dome the minions before they get to the generator and take them out beforehand. Ping the generator then run at least 60 meters away from it but towards where the minions are coming from. Even when they’re domed, they will continue to run to the generator. Slow them down with the Trapper, Abe’s grenades and Maggie’s harpoons work well, and take them out quick. They will attack you once the bots realize they can’t get to the generator. Once they’re dead, then take down the dome and go after the Monster, unless it’s also in the dome.
If you continue to hunt the Monster and ignore the minions, those little freaks will mow through the generator since the turrets won’t do enough damage. When attacking the minions, focus the team on one. Usually be moving on one side and the bots should follow suit.
You’re also going to need to get used to switching between Hunters on the fly. Example: switch to Support to activate the cloak, then to the Medic to sneak in a Heal Burst without the Monster finding/attacking you.


Yea, Defend is a really messed up game mode, even more so through the Evacuation game. You can make it a little easier if you play through Custom and remove those auto balances. Then it also depends on the monster too. I found that it is impossible to beat Behemoth and harder to beat Goliath, then the others are easier. Then one way to help out is treat it almost like a Hunt. The alpha will always destroy the turrets now as they are stupidly weak. After that I focus on the minion and kill them as quickly as possible. Once that is done I turn my attention to the Monster. Once it starts to flee to regain armor dome it away from the generator and unload everything you have on it. Then I won’t dome it if the minions have already respawned and are close by as having 3 monsters in a dome can be a little challenging. If they are close I will focus on them and wait for the alpha to return and repeat.