Can't win anymore as Goliath

I can call my self a pretty good monster
I only play as the Goliath because that’s the one I always played as sense the game came out. With all of these bug fixes idk if it’s just me or the hunters have gotten wayyyy to stronger. A team with laz and Maggie and hank your done there has been no way for me to win against those hunters does anyone feel the same.
Also I don’t hate evolve I still like it and enjoy playing it.

I find that combo not hard to break however keep in mind that Goliath is easily the most UP Monster currently.


I still manage to get wins with Goliath, but it just may be a difference in the skill levels of teams we’re playing. There have definitely been matches where I get shut down hard as Goliath. Had one the other night where I didn’t even get a strike in.

I like Goliath but he’s really weak. Against a good team, I cry many tears

@10shredder00 I’m a silver monster now :3

I just watched a non-esl goliath beat a very good premade (ESL).

If you’re having trouble sometimes, it means the matchmaking is starting to place you where you need to be.

Ride it out!


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He is my go to monster
I just like Goliath as a monster he is a brawler. Any tips against laz with the Goliath
Would be great

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Take flame breath on S2 evolve if you don’t already have it.

  • Down Hank
  • Bait Laz’s cloak
  • Flame breath Laz
  • Camp body
  • Kill Laz

Best way to counter Laz is to kill his defense (Hank) and then camp his body, you can orbit it and just hop in every once and a while but once Laz is no longer in smell range jump on the body and camp, the second he uncloaks go for him. He can’t survive without Hank and will die quickly without a cloak. After he is down, run. Even if he revives Hank after you get him down then you still have a down on Laz which is invaluable.

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@10shredder00 Thanks! Took me forever to get there. But I just Behemoth and won, such a fun rollepollie

Goliath reminds me of a dragon. That aside Laz is a twat, so hard to kill when there’s a Hank or even worse a sunny

Yet another “issues with Goliath” thread. I’m really hoping that this pattern is being noticed and he gets tweaks soon.


No problem! Behemoth is probably the best to counter Laz as he has the most area denial. I have no idea how to play him though :smile:

Thank you so much for the help
One more tip
What about bucket he to is op
If I camp a body sentry guns are All around me pinning me down.

Depends on the Monster, if you’re fighting a Laz + Bucket combo you have a few choices.

A. Chase Laz relentlessly, you’ll probably take a lot of damage from sentries but you will get Laz down eventually.

B. If you are Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith, then orbit the body. By this I mean stay a bit away but when you see Laz is gone, jump immediately to the body and start swiping, you’ll cost him his shield and you’ll take minimal damage if done correctly.

C. Hardcore body camp, you’ll get a strike on whoever you’re camping but will take the most damage of all options.

D. Kill Bucket and camp, with Bucket down you can roam freely looking for Lazarus and hopefully get his down rather easily.

E. If you’re Behemoth, Tongue Grab + Rock Wall is your best friend. Down someone, tongue grab them to you, rock wall them off from the others, kill and eat the body. Only person that can counter this is Lennox, Cabot, and anyone on the same side of the wall as you.

Thanks again shredder
I will take your advice

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I would recommend:

B as a priority, A as secondary, and if you cannot kill anyone or find Laz then resort to D. Last choice is C.

E is always a good choice as Behemoth.

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Yeah kill laz first

bit tricky with laz hank combo, especially with double cloak abilities.
But as usual, you should down hank asap, try to body camp without soaking too much of damage, jump in and out, but always keep an eye on the body and laz.

Flame breath is very useful against laz team.

really only team that fucks my shit up is maggie/sunny dunno why i don’t see complaints about it.

Yup, Goliath is underpowered. But good news! He just got another nerf! -_-

Did he get another nerf really?