Can't Use Purchased Characters?


Just got back from eating out at dinner today. C:

(Excuse my ignorance if this has already been discussed).

So I attempted to level up more of my Kala masteries once I got back, and I noticed it told me I didn’t have her unlocked and she was available in the store. I looked at all of my other DLC characters, (Crow, Torvald, and a bunch of cosmic skins), and I didn’t have that either.

My first thought was to quit the game and come back in, that didn’t work. Big surprise there. Then I hard-reset the Xbox One, heheheh, that didn’t work either. My third resolution was to uninstall the content, and then reinstall it again.

After uninstalling some content, I’d browsed back to the other side to see if it was ready to install, and it somehow wasn’t there. (Albeit it said I could reinstall at any time).

Pardon my French, but what the hell is going on here?

(Edit: Xbox services are also bad, which may have a role in it).


My guess is that it’s related to the Xbox servers. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun can you access your dlc?


Just wondering, because my other Xbox One is working perfectly fine with its DLC.


Hmmmm. I can’t see that being the issue then.

Do you have a My2k account? If so can you log out and then back in?


No, I haven’t created an account for that, (yet).

Also, it appears to be an account issue. Even on the working Xbox One, it tells me I don’t have any of the characters unlocked. Apparently, I don’t even have Tech Sergeant Hank unlocked…

However, on the other accounts I have, it tells me I have the content. :C


Ok that’s sounding more like a server/account issue. You can try Microsoft Support, or see if the problem is rectified tomorrow.


That was going to be my first attempt to fix it.

Because it is telling me there is an Xbox Services error currently.


Still might not hurt to give them a call. Best of luck!

I’ll check back in a bit, please be sure to keep us updated.


I’ll let you know how it works out. C:

For now, going to try some other games and see if the error persists there. Thankyou!


Hmm, just managed to reinstall the content, is currently telling me I own the characters. C:

Seems to have resolved itself, thankfully. Apparently not a very major problem. Better be safe than sorry, however. Thankyou for your help!


I don´t have my Xbox with me right now :sweat_smile:


Oh! The issue is solved then!

Closing now! :bucket_cute: