Can't use Behemoth on Evolve stage 2


So I love Behemoth and was unpleasantly surprised when I first launched Evolve Stage 2 and Behemoth was nowhere to be found in the store. If I go on the character page it tells me that the character is currently under maintenance for a more enjoyable gameplay experience. I wasn’t worried until I saw Behemoth gameplay of Evolve Stage 2 on youtube. I tried deleting local content and reinstalling the game but it didn’t work. Is anybody having the same problem?


Did you own Behemoth previously?


I previously owned Behemoth on my ps4 copy. I switched to PC now and linked my 2k account to the PC copy. I also had this account linked to my ps4 copy. I’m not sure if that does something. If you mean owning Behemoth on PC, then no.


Ahh, you cannot yet be granted Founder status if you don’t own the game for PC. The devs are looking into this, but for now you’d need to own Evolve on pc.

You would have Founder status on the ps4 though.


People that already had Behemoth can still use him. Just the old version.


Is this ‘under maintenance’ thing happening to everyone that doesn’t have the founder edition?


Behemoth is bugged, that’s why he’s not purchasable with keys. Only people who had him before can play him. When he gets fixed soon, everyone will.

Also, there just is no account copy from one platform to another. So basically linking your my2k account transfers nothing from your ps4 to pc


Well, thanks for the info! My doubts are cleared now. I was confused because I’m able to set him as the monster when playing as a hunter in training costum mode


I have founders edition, yet I didn’t have him prior to the F2P patch, hence I cannot play or buy him. But now that the question is answered, I will be closing the thread :stuck_out_tongue: