Can't tell if map too big or too small


Anyone else feel conflicted from time to time about the map size but you can’t tell if it’s too big or too small? Or am I just an indecisive worrier?


I think i know what you are saying that it is sometimes hard to find the monster and other times it seems he can’t get away, to me anyway, that means that the map is the right size. In my limited experience in this game it seems that how well the hunters can track the monster and how well the monster can escape determines how big the map feels.


I think the maps are perfectly designed in size. There is enough room for the monster to hide, eat, and evade the hunters, which helps balance wise since there are 4 times as many eyes and ears for the hunters compared to the monster. Good for me!


If you can’t tell if it’s too big or too small, then maybe it’s just right, Goldilocks :wink:


The first match I played as a hunter, I thought the map was too small because we got to the monster right away and the monster was never able to get away. However when I played as the monster it was extremely easy for me to constantly stay ahead of the hunters, eat, and evolve. I would have won the game if I had ran away farther before evolving the first time. The hunters managed to trap in in an arena for a while before I could escape.


My personal opinion is that Dam is a great map with lots of paths, different vertical areas, limited choke points, and exits. It’s hard for hunters to cut off the monster (bad for hunters) but it’s fairly basic so it’s easy to get around.

Fusion Plant, on the other hand, is difficult for the monster. The map has kind of a three pronged area and it’s super super easy to get caught in the corner of each prong so it feels WAY too small. There’s also a couple of dead ends (the worst of which is the Plant itself which the monster spawns facing) and paths that if you go down there is only one way out so it’s super easy to get trapped.

On the upside of Fusion Plant (for the monster) it seems as if there is a significantly higher percentage of traps and vicious creatures that attack the hunters so the smaller areas make a lot more sense.

I’m curious to see how the other monsters do on the different maps. Fusion Plant is difficult for Goliath but it could be super easy for Kraken.