Can't switch to any player when I am in the oberserver mode - PS4


Hey guys,
maybe its a me problem. I dont know but every time when I watch my friends in the observer mode I cant switch to any other Player/Character. The Camera just stays on the initial Player which the camera started with.

Maybe I am too stupid so switch the Camera to an other Player but I have clicked now every button and trigger but it just stays on one character/player, I cant switch.

So it is a bug? Or what Button I have to press for switching the camera to other character/player?


It’s a well known bug. Usually happens when you join a match in progress as observer afaik.

It should work again if your party leader backs out to the lobby and reloads the map/match, so you can pick observer at the class select screen.


Ahh good to know. I never pick it in the lobby/class select screen. I just join a full team over the party. Then this is the problem. Thanks.