Cant Start Evolve

Every time I start the game it cant get past the Evolve logo, My firewall and antivirus aren’t blocking the game, I have the latest version of DirectX, my drivers are all up to date, and evolve and Steam are the only non-system processes I have open. Verifying the game fixes this issue but then I face the same problem the next time I play and have to verify again, even if I had just closed the game. Im really sick and tired of having to verify every time I play.

I’ve been having this issue too, I keep having to log out of steam then log back in

I literally just played 3 hours ago and now it wont start even though i’ve verified twice and restarted steam. I’ve had this problem about a month now and haven’t found any fix that works

Try this

I have two ideas: antivirus and bad sectors on HDD.

Your antivirus isn’t blocking Evolve – I believe that, because if it did, you wouldn’t even get the footprint logo. But maybe it’s quarantining some other file. Can you check the logs for action taken against any file under EvolveGame?

Or, maybe your hard disc drive is going bad. You could run a disc check and enable the search for bad sectors. Warning, that usually takes a very long time.

Or, long shot, if you have another HDD on the computer, you could try making a steam library on it and telll steam to install Evolve there.

Btw back to antivirus: some AV programs let you create an exception for a whole folder.