Cant start a multiplayer game


I posted this in the General section of the forum, but did not get a response. I am hoping someone can help me out here.

I will try to keep this short. i bought PC Monster Race edition on Steam on release date. i played a few rounds in the solo mode with no problem, but when ever i tried to play a multilayer game the game would freeze in the looking for player lobby. i have reinstalled the game, but now i have a set of new problems. whenever i hit the start button in the intro cinematic the game will freeze and steam will crash without any errors. here are my PC specs GTX 770 I5 4670k 8Gb of Ram The game is running at 1080 on ultra, and all drivers are up to dare. any and all help is appreciated


I started the game up this morning, and Looks like i can skip the intro and sign in now, and i can play solo mode, but when i try to look for a multilayer game. The game will lag and it will close along with steam without getting any errors.


Haven’t found anything similar to this.Is there any chance your firewall is blocking the game?


i disabled both my anti virus and windows firewall. It didn’t do anything. I still have the same issue


Can you try going to Steam/Evolve/Right-click/Properties/Set Launch Options and type there:


Also do you have the program installed called Nvidia experience?


I have same problem too, freeze in multiplayer in looking for players, freez also during the game after about 15 min so i have to close the game and also Steam freeze.

My Specs:
780GTX x3
I7 3930K
16 Gb Ram

hope to get fix the issue.


I dont see the option of setting launch options when i right click on evolve, and yes i do have Nvidia experience installed.


Check in nvidia experience how it launches the game.A guy told me you can find in there in which options you want to open the game.Like try to change to a lower resolution plus close v-sync if possible