Cant sign into my profile for xbox1

I’m sorry about this inconvinionce but I can’t sign into my Xbox profile, I know I should be asking Xbox forums but I can’t remember my password but I left my password sheet at my uncles house, so I’m wondering if any one here knows when I turn on my Xbox is say it can’t sign me in check again in a few minutes or visit signin but I need my password but has you know I don’t have it. It also says errror 0x80048834. So I though maybe some one here can help thanks so hard restarting dosent work. I can sign into my sisters nonxboxlive account fine but not mine, my profile as Xbox live😭 I JUST WANT TO PLAY EVOLVE

I also checked all my connections and it says its all good

I see no XBL status issues. I’d suggest contacting your uncle or contacting XBL support.

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Im getting my password later tonighttonight but thanks

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This happened to me quite a while ago. It just fixed itself after a couple of hours. :confused:

Have you tried doing a hard reset of your console (Hold down power button until xbox turns off)?
It’s worth a try.

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He did with no luck. Hope it’s sorted.

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Just reread post and saw he already tried it.
I’m tired, ok? :laughing:

@ViperDeath7 let us know how you get on. I hope you find a solution soon.


Still not working tried unplugging it replugging it tryed hard reseting it again nothing. I went on the forums and some people said to wait if it dosent work by tomorrow I’m calling Xbox support😥 why Xbox WHY

All that happen was my mic stopped working so I turned of my console then back on like always, all fine but my stupid controller wouldnt work like always. So like I usually do to fix my controller is I unplugged my Xbox then plugged it back in, which I done a hundred times BUT THIS TIME it said you know what I’m not going to let his guy sign in!!! AND IT HAPPENS TO happen on the day I get a 130$ 3 terrabite hardive for my xbox and 50$ for the 2 evolve DLC!! GREAT TIMMING XBOX sorry right now I’m super pissed because I just spent 180$ this morning THIS BETTER WORK BY TOMARROW​:grimacing: ALL I WANT TO DO IS PLAY AS LENNOX, TARVALD, SLIM, SUNNY, AND CROW TO MUCH TO ASK FOR, thanks xbox.:raising_hand_woman:

Sorry for the yelling frustration😞

it’s ok and I hope you get it all fixed :smiley:

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Thanks😃 I hope this isn’t my Xbox and its a Microsoft problem

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I’m bored so I’m going to do a random thread

Did you get it solved? :3 I have a softspot for this because I fell victim to the dreaded 360 sign in bug…Probably the main reason I went to PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not as bad as the red ring of death. That still haunts me to this day. :cry:

Never got that one because I didn’t play on it for long stretches, but I have heard the horror stories… (>._.)>

wipes away tear. Thanks midnight.
I think I’m on my 6th 360 because of it. :smile:

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Reminds me of a time when I was scrapping money for weeks for the new MLB game, the hype was real for a long time. Turn on the damn box when I get the game, and red ringed…

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Day 2 still not fixed :cry:

The sad thing is that I didn’t just get it I had the Xbox 1 for a year and a 360, for a long timeand the original Xbox was my first cinsol so I’m pretty attached to the Xbox franchise and halo so I can’t just go over to PS or pc. I did have a pc for a year until it puked its guts out.

                   R.I.P. Computer