Can't select own gamertag in profile/leaderboards


Heyup hunters/monsters,

I have a quck question about the leaderboards system in Evolve. I am on Xbox One and am having difficulty looking at my own stats. If I go to profile, be it in online mode or from the main menu, I can see my global stats perfectly fine. However when I choose a specific class to see how I’m competing against the world, it jumps the top players (e.g. 1 to 15), rather than my on name.

I’m sure there’s some sort of shortcut that I’m totally missing here that allows me to select my own score?! If I fiddle around with the filters I can see my own score vs. friends, but when I switch back to region or global stats, it’s back to the top 15. I only have this problem with certain characters, for instance medic and support showing fine, monster and assault aren’t.

Hope this makes sense, if this is a known issue I apologise, but I couldn’t find anything.



Um I am not sure? It should take you right to your rank, not the top 15.


That’s very strange, it normally shows you’re stats once you press what class you want to look at, like you said it does when you look at global. Never heard of this happening before so I don’t really know what you can do. You can try unlinking and relinking you’re my2k account or doing a hard reset (holding down the power button until the Xbox turns off) but I highly doubt either would work.
How long has this been happening?


Thanks for the answers guys. It’s good to at least hear it’s not something plain obvious that I am missing.

I don’t have a my2k-account. I’ve only noticed this happening since yesterday, it worked fine before. Nothing really changed afaik, except that I’ve been playing a lot of solo games.

Some more info:

Like I said, global stats are fine, my own name is highlighted. When I look at monster stats for example, I get the first 15, and #8 is highlighted!? If I switch from Goliath stats to Kraken stats, it’s the same result.

Actually just noticed it only occurs on Monster and Assault stats. Global, Medic, Trapper and Support are fine.


It may fix itself over time, you never know. Leaderboards don’t mean much anyway so I wouldn’t worry. :smile:


I agree, though it’s nice to see if you’re making progress with a certain character. I’ve finally gotten a little better playing as a monster and I had a good winning streak so was wondering how it’d add up in the rankings :blush:

I’ll try that hard powercycle later on, you never know.


Ok let me know how it goes. :smile: