Can't select Customize


I was using the magma skins the other day on my monsters. I get back on the next day, and the customize button is all grayed out and I can’t even select it. Tried restarting the game and going through the options but nothing seems to fix it. Can anyone help me? On PS4 by the way.


Hi, I’m having the exact same problem on PC. I had some skins available from the PC monster race and I was able to use them. As of two days ago, customize is always greyed out now for all my monsters.

Glad to see I’m not the only one though!



I’m also having this same problem. I even preordered the game and the skin that you get for Goliath disappeared. I also play on PC and bought the bog skin pack through steam. I got one day with it on the 11th and now it’s all gone. Steam still shows it as purchased content.


Have any of you tried unchecking it in the steam DLC list and reDLing it?


tried the above, didn’t work


Tried to uninstall it and re install it, and didn’t work. Lost savage Goliath skin and my magma skins. Any words from developers about addressing this issue for PC?


Just started working randomly again for me, maybe they fixed something on their end? Working again for anyone else?