Can't seem to find matches

I haven’t been able to get into a match. I was on all day yesterday and ranked up to Lv 8 and today in the morning I managed to get into 2 matches all day. I have checked some comments on other websites and people are reporting the same issue. I’m on X1.

i keep running into this problem.
when playing evac, after the 2-4th round it resets to day 1 and throws me into a new lobby. ive lost so much xp because of this.
not the same but similar issue.
basically forced into just skirmish

I also am having problems getting into matches on Xbox 1.

It loads up the game with players then goes into loading then says “my previous match could not be continued” or something and kicks me out.

I have only been able to get into about two matches all day.

Very frustrating.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon or people will stop playing this game.

Yeah I get into the searching screen in MP and it keeps looking for players without finding any games. Hopefully they come out and say what they are doing before people start selling there copies.

Yeah I’m having the same problem. I’ve waited so long to play it but now that I have it I can’t play it cause I sit there for hours and it doesn’t find any games. Extremely frustrating!

Any one have any ways of fixing this crap? My connection is fine, the damn game just wont let me join a match. I just sit on the searching for matches screen forever.


Uninstall evolve then reinstall it it worked for me: this is for xbox1

It is pretty obvious you guys dont care about the gaming comunity, all you care is money, you already launched huning pass 2 and you cant solve the bugs that dont allow us to play properly…

Please? :smile:

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Still can’t find matches, still no response from devs about it

PC Xbox or PlayStation

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We have a thread that is just for XB1 matchmaking issues. It’s where both I am going to be gathering info from the community and where I will be posting the latest updates once I have them available. Thank you!